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Christine DolleContact Christine Dolle at to learn more or volunteer in Philadelphia.

Christine resides in Philadelphia with her husband and children and is an aspiring photographer. Her passion for promoting smoke-free parks and playgrounds inspired her connection with Moms Clean Air Force and fueled volunteer activities that took her from green spaces to a local elementary school classroom and right up to the steps of City Hall. Christine is excited to engage in education and advocacy around the issue of urban air quality and its impact on children’s health.

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Patrice TomcikContact Patrice Tomcik at to learn more or volunteer in Western Pennsylvania.

Patrice is passionate about public health and advocating for a healthy environment at home, school, and outdoors for children. Patrice is focused on protecting children from the health and safety risks of natural gas development. Her hobbies are exercising, reading, gardening, and sports with her 2 sons.




Here’s what we’re working on in Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania has played host to the modern fossil fuel industry since Edwin Drake drilled the first oil well in Titusville, PA in 1859. Since then, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been shaped by the fossil fuel industry – oil, steel, coal, and natural gas have powered cities from Pittsburgh to Scranton. Over that time, Pennsylvania’s children and natural resources have borne the burden of fossil fuel pollution.

Today, Pennsylvania is the second largest producer of natural gas in the country. But the natural gas industry is not a pure boon to the state. Our families and communities face industrial pollution that harms our children’s health (see: Does Fracking Cause Preterm Birth?), fuels global warming, and wastes billions of dollars of natural gas every year. Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas fueling climate change, is one example of such pollution. Other harmful air pollutants get into our air right alongside methane, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and benzene.

Ground level ozone, or smog, is harming our communities. Studies show that 836,880 Pennsylvania adults and 228,593 children already suffer from asthma. Every summer, smog-forming pollutants send 10,000 Pennsylvanians to hospital emergency rooms, and Pennsylvanians suffer 370,000 smog-related asthma attacks. Sources of smog-forming pollutants include power plants, oil and gas operations, cars and trucks, and a variety of small sources. Climate change is predicted to increase smog – in Pennsylvania, that could result in about 133,000 additional cases of serious respiratory illnesses in 2020.

Pennsylvania produces more heat-trapping gases than 101 countries combined and more heat-trapping gases than 47 states–only California and Texas produce more.

Pennsylvania leaders are at a crossroads: Continue to let the fossil fuel industry mine and burn our underground heritage, or care for the people and places above ground. Moms Clean Air Force’s members are pushing back against the rhetoric that we must choose between the health of our children and the health of our economy. Pennsylvania mothers know that we can continue to be an energy leader – by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency — while protecting our children’s health and safeguarding their future.

Pennsylvania borders the world’s largest group of freshwater lakes on earth, the Great Lakes. Source of drinking water to more than 40 million people, the Great Lakes are threatened by pollution and declining water levels, which is already resulting in increased algal bloom production. Scientists predict that climate change will cause water levels in the Great Lakes to drop significantly in coming decades, threatening this source of not only vital drinking water, but also transportation, tourism, commercial fishing operations, manufacturing operations, and sportsmen industries. This is another way that Pennsylvanians understand the personal, immediate impacts of climate change on our homes and communities.

Moms Clean Air Force serves as co-chair of the Northwest PA Green Economy Task Force (NWPAGE).  Moms Clean Air Force and NWPAGE have worked to highlight the impacts of fossil fuel extraction and use in NWPA. Together we advocate on behalf of renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives.

Moms Clean Air Force is part of the Protect Our Children Coalition.  Protect Our Children Coalition’s mission is to educate communities about the health impacts of oil and gas production and to limit oil and gas production and infrastructure from being placed within one mile of schools. Learn more at

Moms Clean Air Force sits on BlueGreenAlliance’s (BGA) Pennsylvania steering committee.  BGA works to bring together labor and environmental stakeholders to act on issues related to climate change, energy, and infrastructure.  The steering committee has been instrumental in convening Pennsylvania’s bipartisan BlueGreen caucus to facilitate a forward-moving conversation on climate and energy; drive innovation in clean energy sources to power the 21st century; and grow our economy by creating renewable energy jobs in manufacturing and installations.

In Philadelphia, Moms Clean Air Force is part of the Green Justice Philly Coalition that is committed to advocating for a sustainable and economically-just Philadelphia region.  Working together with partners including the Clean Air Council and Delaware Riverkeeper Network and organizations representing frontline communities (those most impacted by and at risk from pollution), we stand in opposition to the dirty fossil fuel industry that puts our families at risk.  Specifically, we oppose the expansion of Philadelphia Energy Solutions and their plan to increase petrochemical processing at the South Philadelphia refinery, a plan that will result in even more asthma-inducing pollution and increased oil train traffic through our neighborhoods.

Moms Clean Air Force is a proud member of the PA Green and Healthy Schools Partnership, working to ensure that schools are healthy, environmentally-friendly places of learning.  We advocate for statewide policy to promote green and healthy schools, offer our expertise in helping to provide resources and support to schools, and help to recognize and celebrate schools’ efforts to be sustainable.

In addition to state-specific work, Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania is supporting national efforts:

Mercury: We are supporting strong limits on harmful mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants

Climate Change: We are fighting global warming by supporting policies, namely America’s Clean Power Plan, that will reduce carbon emissions and decrease dangerous co-pollutants.

America’s Clean Power Plan requires us to reduce our use of energy made by old outdated coal and oil-fired power plants. Moms Clean Air Force advocates on behalf of Pennsylvania’s children for a strong state plan to comply with America’s Clean Power Plan.

Clean Energy: We are ensuring that our energy future is renewable, clean, and healthy — for the sake of our children’s health.

We are working with a coalition to stop a proposed industrial petrochemical facility and pipelines from being constructed in the center of Philadelphia. We are working to educate communities and lawmakers about the health effects of heavy industrial activity located close to a densely populated residential area. Part of our outreach is to offer new, clean energy alternatives to residents and stakeholders.

Chemical Policy Reform: We are fighting to keep toxic chemicals out of the products we use every day, through joining local efforts to protect families from toxic chemicals and advocating for strong implementation of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (2016).

Natural Gas Pollution: We are demanding strong protections from methane, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful air pollutants associated with fracking and natural gas development.

According to Penn Environment’s report, “Dangerous and Close”:

  • There are 166 schools, 165 child care providers, 21 nursing care providers and six hospitals in Pennsylvania within one mile of a permitted fracking well site in a one-mile radius of permitted fracking well sites;
  • Approximately 53,000 Pennsylvania children under the age of 10, and 41,000 seniors 75 years of age and older live within one mile of a permitted fracking well site;
  • Across the state, there are 52 schools, 51 child care providers, two nursing care facilities, and two hospitals within one mile of gas compressor stations, which produce hazardous air pollution while moving gas to markets;
  • More than 220 violations of environmental and public health regulations have occurred at wells within one mile of a Pennsylvania school, while 180 violations have occurred within one mile of a child care provider, 28 violations have occurred within one mile of a nursing care facility, and 13 violations have occurred within one mile of a hospital between 2001 and May 2015

Protect Our Children and Healthy Schools

We are helping schools improve their indoor air quality by providing asthma trigger education and indoor air quality assessment tools to parents, administrators and teachers.  


Children (and teachers) spend over 40 hours per week in school buildings.

We work under the guidance of the EPA’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tools to provide assistance and support at any level of transitioning to a green healthy school. We work to promote safe chemicals in schools and the transition to renewable energy sources by districts or individual schools. If you would like assistance in your school please contact us!

Click here to view a map of environmental hazards near Southwestern PA schools.

Asthma Education and Advocacy

In Philadelphia, the childhood asthma rate is twice the national average. According to the American Lung Association, Philadelphia County gets an F grade for ground level ozone pollution (20th in dirtiest cities ranking), and a D grade for particle pollution (11th in dirtiest cities ranking). The effects of these statistics are costly. Pennsylvania pays $9.4 billion in pollution-related health care costs each year. We work to educate health care professionals, parents and teachers about the connection between air quality and the incidence of asthma, particularly in children. We also provide support to parents who are interested in bringing their concerns about air quality and asthma to area law makers. We provide advocacy training to parents and help regular moms and dads make their case for stronger air quality regulations and a safer environment. Please contact us for user friendly asthma education materials or legislative advocacy training and support.


Nearly 15% of Pennsylvania children have symptoms of asthma.

Additionally, a projection estimates that climate change induced ozone increases in Pennsylvania could result in about 133,000 additional cases of serious respiratory illnesses in 2020.

Pennsylvania’s electricity generation by source, 2014:

  • Coal (36%)

  • Nuclear (36%)

  • Natural Gas (24%)

  • Renewables (2%)

According to the American Lung Association’s 2016 State of the Air Report, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the 9th ranked U.S. city most polluted by year-round particle pollution

According to the American Lung Association’s 2016 State of the Air Report, Allegheny county receives an “F” for ozone and particle pollution

America’s Clean Power Plan will save 3300 cumulative PA lives from 2020-2030

1 of the top 25 polluting coal-fired power plants in the nation is located in Pennsylvania

According to the American Lung Association’s 2016 State of the Air Report, Philadelphia County ranks 12th for short-term particle pollution

Precipitation has increased 20% in many parts of the state

In the next century it is predicted that temperatures in Harrisburg will rise 4 degrees with seasonal increases in precipitation between 10-50%

Pennsylvania pays 9.4 billion dollars in pollution related health care costs per year

According to the American Lung Association’s 2016 State of the Air Report, nearly 300,000 Pennsylvania children have asthma

Pennsylvania was the fourth largest coal-producing state in the nation in 2012, and the only state producing anthracite coal, which has a higher heat value than other kinds of coal.

Script: Call Your Senator

BY Moms Clean Air Force ON January 1, 2017
How can you make your voice heard? Call your Senator and let them know the issues that matter to you! Click here to obtain your Senators’ contact info or dial 202-224-3121 to be connected directly to their D.C. office. Having trouble reaching someone in the D.C....

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Interview at an EPA listening session in Philly.




Upcoming Events

Sunday, March 26: Moms Clean Air Fore Pennsylvania will table at Air Quality Expo in Clariton.

Sunday, April 9: Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania is tabling at Run for Clean Air.

Friday, April 28: Moms Clean Air Force is a Speaker at Greenfield Earth Day.

Saturday, April 29: Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania is a co-sponsor of FutureFest 2017.

Past Events

February 2017:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended PA Green & Healthy Schools Forum in Harrisburg.

Moms Clean Air Force parents and kids gathered outside Senator Toomey’s Philadelphia office to make it clear: We love clean air!

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania met with freshman Senator Dan Laughlin to discuss the need for methane rules at the state level.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania organized in-district legislative visits with Senator Laughlin, Senator Brewster, Senator Guy Reschenthaler, and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended an in-district meeting with Senator Toomey’s staff.

January 2017:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended Attended “The Future of Climate Action in 2017:  A Discussion with Senator Casey” at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.

Moms Clean Air Force hosted “Community Listens: Natural Gas Impacts in Southwestern PA” – a community listening session with event tables, an education panel, and opportunity to record thoughts and stories about natural gas development which will be given to Governor Wolf, EPA, Senators Casey & Toomey.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania participated in the Women’s March on Philadelphia, part of a network of marches held across the country.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania members traveled to Washington, DC to speak to their Senators about the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head EPA, a nomination that threatens our kids’ health.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania participated in a “Day Against Denial” event–“Tell Our Senators: No Climate Deniers in the Cabinet”–in Philadelphia.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended a Tuesdays With Toomey event in Philadelphia to raise awareness around clean air and kids’ health.

December 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended an Adams Township planning commission meeting.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania testified at a DEP AQTAC meeting in Harrisburg.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended a Mars court hearing in front of DEP Environmental Hearing Board in Erie.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended Beaver ethane cracker DEP Shell water discharge NPDES application meeting and hearing.

Moms Clean Air Force joined “What Clean Air Advocates Can Do, Post-election” at Philadelphia’s DiSilvestro Recreation Center in the South Philadelphia Health and Literacy Center.

November 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania, along with partners, met with Rep. Jordan Harris to discuss climate and clean energy issues.

Field organizer, Christine Dolle tabled as part of Philly CUSP’s (Climate & Urban Systems Partnership) “Climate City” at Franklin Institute’s speaker series “The Waterways of a Changing Climate”.

Field organizer, Christine Dolle tabled at the Ants on a Log children’s musical “Curious:  Think Outside the Pipeline!”

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania members attended a rally in Solidarity with Standing Rock.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended PennFuture’s Post-Election Forum: The Future of Pennsylvania’s Environment, where Senator Bob Casey delivered the keynote, remarking, “One of the things that moved me was the impact on children. I feel duty-bound and determined to keep fighting on this issue.”

September 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a back-to-school press event focused on methane at Fort Cherry supervisors meeting to raise awareness about a third well pad that was to be voted on directly after press event. The third well pad was approved by the Mt Pleasant supervisors.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a Read-In of “Every Breathe We Take” at Beaver County Library.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania member, Amy Nassif hosted a GOTV house party.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania tabled at the 11th annual Greenfest Philly.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a Play-In for Clean Air at Dilworth Park fountains. Attendees included Senator Bob Casey, Mayor Jim Kenney, and state Representative Donna Bullock.

August 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania held a Play-In for Pollution Control in Beaver, PA. Families gathered at the Irvine Park Gazebo for some fun play time and to raise awareness around air pollution.

June 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a “School’s Out Food Drive” contributing to the over 4,542 pounds of food collected by Moms Clean Air Force chapters nationwide.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania tabled at a Guster concert in Philadelphia.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended Health & Shale Gas Development: State of the Science hosted by Environmental Health Project.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania participated in a Clean Power Plan Lobby Day.

May 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania tabled at Philadelphia Art in the Open Family Day.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania participated in an Asthma Workshop with James Blaine Elementary parents.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended League of Women Voters’ THRIVE: Sustainable Energy, Jobs & Economic Development.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania led a press conference in Harrisburg highlighting the impacts methane pollution has on the health of unborn babies, pregnant women, and children. Moms Clean Air Force members met with staff from Senator Vance, Deputy Secretary of Policy’s office, Sam Robinson, from Governor Wolf’s office and Senator Haywood’s Legislative Director. Discussion centered around the need for stronger protections for our children’s health, including moving forward with Chapter 78 and 78a.

National Field Director, Gretchen Dahlkemper and Field Organizer, Patrice Tomcik provided important voices for presentations at the Democratic Senate Policy Committee hearing regarding unconventional natural gas extraction under the Lake Erie Watershed.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania served as a co-Facilitator for Healthy School Summit.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a World Asthma Day Mama Summit in front of Philadelphia City Hall.

April 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended the Philly Climate Story art exhibition.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania participated in Environmental Day at Mars Elementary school.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted “Arm Yourself with Knowledge”, a community outreach education program in New Wilmington.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted an Earth Day event at Smith Playground.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended “Power up with the sun in Butler County” Solar education program.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended “Arm Yourself with Knowledge” community outreach education program in New Wilmington.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended Greenfield Elementary School Earth Day.

Moms Clean Air Force participated in Run for Clean Air.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a “Read-in” at Fairmount Water Works Museum.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania co-sponsored the Josh Fox film “How to let go of the world and love all the things that climate can’t change” at the Carnegie Lecture hall in Pittsburgh.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania co-sponsored “SouthWest Environmental Health Project Spring Tour 2016”. New information on the physical, mental, and environmental impacts of unconventional gas development.

Patrick Tomcik served as panelist at “Waterfall Vision” Activist panel and art exhibit at 707 Gallery located at 707 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. The exhibit featured artist Jennifer Meyers and Shaun Silfer with discussions about the impact gas development is having on the environment.

March 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania co-sponsored “Arm Yourself with Knowledge”, a community program and interactive panel discussion on unconventional gas development, “fracking”, in an informal setting.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania co-sponsored a film screening and panel discussion on climate justice and faith.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a “Read-In” at Sheppard Elementary for Literacy Day.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority public hearing about the proposals for the Southport facility including possible expansion of the PES oil refinery.

Moms Clean Air Force attended a Press Conference at Pittsburgh DEP highlighting Marsha Haley, MD, published paper, “Adequacy of Current State Setbacks for Directional High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus, Barnett, and Niobrara Shale Plays”.

February 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended the Green Gala at Comcast Center.

Moms Clean Air Force hosted a Valentine’s Day gathering at Smith Playground where parents and caregivers learned more about air pollution, climate change, and children’s health while children made “I Love Clean Air” Valentines to be sent to key officials as part of a “heartfelt ask” for strong clean air standards.

January 2016:

Screening for “This Changes Everything” by Marcellus Outreach Butler

Fracking Pollution and our Children’s Health in Harrisburg – Moms Clean Air Force hosted a press conference and met with Governor Wolf’s office, who announced a pledge to cut methane emissions from the oil and gas industry.

“Pittsburgh State of the Union Watch Party” Location: SuperBowl 910 5th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

December 2015:

Attended “Your Concerns About Air Quality“, a public event for anyone living with or concerned about unconventional oil and gas development.

Delivered signatures asking Governor Wolf to set regulations for methane emissions to his office in Pittsburgh.

Participated in the Building Blocks for Climate Action Rally and March at the Pitt Student Union, along with a broad array of organizations and groups, friends and family united on the final day of global action.

Attended the Beaver County Proposed Ethane Cracker public meeting | The meeting began with a presentation by the Clean Air Council, who discussed fence-line monitoring and other health-based standards.

November, 2015:

Field organizer, Patrice Tomcik served as a panelist at PennFuture’s Conservation Summit in Harrisburg. Patrice spoke about the impacts of air pollution from the fracking industry, the experiences of the, Mars Parent Group and gas development impacts on the health and safety of Pennsylvania’s children.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended and tabled at the PA Shale & Public Health conference.

October, 2015:

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a press conference in Erie, PA in advance of the DEP Clean Power Plan public listening session. Moms met with PA DEP Secretary Quigley to discuss America’s Clean Power Plan and the need to regulate methane from existing sources.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania attended the Pennsylvania Green and Healthy Schools meeting in Harrisburg and rejoined the steering committee for 2016.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania met with Dr. Albert Presto, Mechanical Engineer from Carnegie Mellon University to discuss his research on air emissions around unconventional gas well pads and compressor stations.

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania partnered and attended the Philadelphia screening and discussion of “Merchants of Doubt.”

Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania spoke at a press event for the release of “Dangerous and Close: Fracking near Pennsylvania’s Most Vulnerable Residents.”

May 2015: Mama Summit 2015 | Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania members gathered in Harrisburg for the second annual Pennsylvania Mama Summit. Pennsylvania parents spoke about the health impacts of pollution in this traditional coal state currently booming with fracking activity, as well as their concern for global warming and the state’s impact on the entire globe. Moms, teachers, scientists, and health professionals reached more than 100 legislative offices — including meeting with Governor Wolf — asking them to cut carbon and methane pollution.

July 31, 2014: Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a Play-In to support America’s Clean Power Plan in Pittsburgh, PA

May 2014: Mama Summit 2014 | Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania members gathered at the state capitol in Harrisburg to call on elected officials to take climate action. During the event, four female elected officials spoke about their journey to public office, and took questions from the audience. The bipartisan panel included Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner, Cumberland Commissioner Barb Cross, Rep. Kate Harper, and Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper. The theme that emerged from the panel, and the spirit that pervaded the day, was, Don’t assume someone else is taking care of your issue! It was a perfect lesson in activism, and something our Mama Summit participants were doing already. By being there, they were taking charge of their children’s health and future.

March 2014: Students from Philadelphia, PA traveled to Washington, DC to meet with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to deliver hundreds of comments in support of EPA’s carbon rule on new power plants. That afternoon the students and MCAF met with the offices of both Senator Casey and Senator Toomey to share why they are concerned about climate change and its impact on their futures.

September 2013: As a key member of Philadelphia’s Urban Sustainability Forum (USF), Moms Clean Air Force Pennsylvania hosted a USF forum on children’s health and air pollution. Health experts from University of Pittsburgh, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel University, and Physicians for the Underserved, spoke about the devastating impacts of toxic air pollution on our children’s health.


A visit to Senator Pat Toomey’s office in DC.


Tom Wolf

Contact information:

US Senate

Robert P. “Bob” Casey, Jr

Contact information:

  • 22 S. Third Street, Suite 6A
    Harrisburg, PA 17101
  • Email: Contact form
  • Phone: (717) 231-7540
  • Toll Free: (866) 461-9159
  • Twitter: @SenBobCasey

Environmental Scorecard

Pat Toomey

Contact information:

  • 228 Walnut St., Suite 1104
    Harrisburg, PA 17101
  • Email: Contact form
  • Phone: (717) 782-3951
  • Twitter: @SenToomey

Environmental Scorecard

US House of Representatives

Robert Brady (District 1)

Contact information:

Environmental Scorecard

Dwight Evans (District 2)

Contact information:

Environmental Scorecard

Mike Kelly (District 3)

Contact information:

Environmental Scorecard

Scott Perry (District 4)

Contact information:

Environmental Scorecard

Glenn W. Thompson (District 5)

Contact information:

Environmental Scorecard

Ryan Costello (District 6)

Contact information:

  • 27 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
  • Email: Contact form
  • Phone: (202) 225-4315
  • Twitter: @HouseGOP

Environmental Scorecard

Patrick Meehan (District 7)

Contact information:

Environmental Scorecard

Mike Fitzpatrick (District 8)

Environmental Scorecard

Bill Shuster (District 9)

  • 310 Penn Street, Suite 200
    Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
  • Email: Contact form
  • Phone: (814) 696-6318
  • Toll Free: (800) 854-3035
  • Twitter: @RepBillShuster

Environmental Scorecard

Tom Marino (District 10)

Environmental Scorecard

Lou Barletta (District 11)

Environmental Scorecard

Keith Rothfus (District 12)

Environmental Scorecard

Brendan Boyle (District 13)

Contact information:

  • 115 E. Glenside Ave.
    Suite #1
    Glenside, PA 19038
  • Email: Contact form
  • Phone: (202) 225-6111

Environmental Scorecard

Mike Doyle (District 14)

Environmental Scorecard

Charlie Dent (District 15)

Environmental Scorecard

Lloyd Smucker (District 16)

Environmental Scorecard

Matt Cartwright (District 17) 

Environmental Scorecard

Tim Murphy (District 18)

Environmental Scorecard

Take a look at what we’ve been up to in Pennsylvania:


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