Climate Listening Videos: The Story We Want from Moms

BY ON April 6, 2017

The Story We Want moms
Don’t EVER get between a mama bear and her cubs. We know this instinctually and from shared stories. The Climate Listening Project and Moms Clean Air Force through the new video series, The Story We Want, inspire us with amazing actions by everyday moms doing extraordinary things. We see and hear from “mama bears” around the country; their stories are both powerful and empowering. These mothers are taking action to protect the air our children breathe, the water our children drink and the climate our children rely on to live safe, healthy and sustainable lives.

Dayna Reggero, the video series director, and her team traveled across the United States, to listen and video the stories of a diverse cross-section of women in 8 states: California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The women featured in the videos were united in their efforts to protect their children and their communities, to speak truth to power, and to demand action; like mama bears, they never back down. Dayna and the Listening Project help us really hear these women, as the videos empower us and fill us with inspiration and hope. These women show us that, often against all odds, through hard work and determination we can, and will, succeed.

Mom Power at the Local and State Level

While our federal government sorts out it’s ability to make laws, remove laws and challenge existing orders in court and in the halls of Congress, local power remains strong. Virtually, every local government possesses some degree of local autonomy, and every state legislature retains some degree of control over local governments. So, regardless of which types of local rules apply in your state, people power at the local, regional and state level – when organized and focused – can and is powerful. The moms we meet in these videos show us again and again, if we use our voices and our heads, our actions can lead to real and lasting action. My motto at Climate Mama is: “Tell the truth, actions speak louder than words, and don’t be afraid.” These moms embody this creed.

Most of the moms we meet in these videos would not consider themselves “environmentalists or activists.” According to Dayna, “They are from diverse and different backgrounds – teachers, doctors, and stay at home moms – unique in their beliefs and politics, yet united by their concern for their children.” Dayna felt strongly that: “once they made the decision to be active participants in America – to ask questions and to speak out – they realized they weren’t alone.” Not only did these moms connect locally with other women, they also connected with other moms around the country through Moms Clean Air Force.

Gretchen Dahlkemper, National Field Director for Moms Clean Air Force, traveled with Dayna on many of her trips across the country listening to parents – hearing their stories, their hopes, their dreams, failures and successes. When and where it made sense, Moms Clean Air Force regional and national staff worked with these moms to help them as they developed solutions that fit local problems. From “Mama Summit” lobby days at statehouses, to testifying at congressional committees and at local town councils, school boards and planning commissions, Moms Clean Air Force helps parents develop the tools to create and find the resources they need to take action.

Share the Videos!

By sharing these videos and bringing these stories to our families, friends and neighbors, we can help lift up all our spirits. Our children’s present and future rests in our hopeful collective hands. Hope does spring eternal – it really does. So, please share these videos far and wide. Thank you!



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