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Our Children Need Health Protections Strengthened, Not Rolled Back

BY ON December 12, 2018
This post is written by Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Green the Church Co-Founder. It first appeared in Successful Black Parenting (used with permission): Today, being Black in America is dangerous. My wife and I don’t want our children to worry about their survival. We want them to run,...

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Interview With Dr. Gredia Huerta Montanez, Environmental Health Pediatrician

BY ON December 11, 2018
This is an interview with Dr. Gredia Huerta Montanez, an environmental health pediatrician in Puerto Rico and a member of the EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee: Dr. Huerta Montanez, can you please tell us about the work you do as an environmental...

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Andrew Wheeler Was a Coal Lobbyist. Now He Heads EPA.

BY ON December 5, 2018
The video below from CNN that asks: How on earth can a coal industry lobbyist be in charge of EPA, charged with protecting our health and safety from air and climate pollution? From CNN’s Drew Griffin: “Andrew Wheeler, the former coal lobbyist who is now acting administrator of...

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