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Alexandra ZissuAlexandra Zissu is an eco lifestyle expert, writer, speaker, and consultant. She’s the author of The Conscious Kitchen, Planet Home, The Complete Organic Pregnancy, and The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat. She has worked for New York Magazine, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Lifetime and Details magazines, The New York Observer and Women’s Wear Daily, and her stories have appeared in dozens of publications. She speaks often about all things eco-friendly at private firms, mothers’ groups, schools, non-profits, and industry expos, and consults about green living for individuals and organizations. Though she should probably be on a biodynamic farm in Vermont, or growing dill in Finland, she actually lives in New York City, across the street from where she grew up, with her (organic) family.

Mother Love Takes On Plastic

BY ON February 23, 2016
OMG make it stop! Sorry but if I read another freakin’ article about BPA-free plastic, I’m going to scream. For several reasons. First, I can’t keep up. I mean, I follow all news about estrogenic/toxic chemicals in plastic, both for my work and because I...

TOPICS: Toxics

I Love Solar Farms

BY ON November 24, 2015
I have such a love/love relationship with solar. And yet my ancient slate roof is, I have been told, not a candidate for panels. As miserable as this makes me, I am encouraged that it appears as though Americans are increasingly circling around the concept...

TOPICS: Renewable Energy

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