We Need Both Wings to Soar Through Clean Air

BY ON June 16, 2011

Let’s say your kid came home and told you that the dad who drove car pool that day had cut the seat belts off and told everyone to have fun bouncing around in the back–especially on the corners! Whoopee!

Let’s say your kid came home covered with paint dust because the mom sanding her old doors didn’t believe that playing with a little lead ever hurt anyone. Whoopee!

You wouldn’t think much of those parenting techniques, now would you?

So what are we to think of the judgment of a person interviewing for the most important job in the country when she tells us she would kill the clean air and water regulations that protect our kids?

Why would any politician–much less a mother–take such an extreme position?

The EPA has become the punching bag for anger about government regulations. The conversation has moved from new standards for cutting down mercury emissions–standards that have been 21 years in the making, and which many plants have already enacted— to gutting EPA completely. Michele Bachmann called for introducing  “The Mother of All Repeal Bills”.  Watch it here:

This isn’t appropriate behavior, as we tell children who throw sand at each other at the playground.

On announcing her run as a Republican candidate, Michele Bachmann emphasized her role as a mother who raised five children as well as 23 foster children. (It sounds like she did a great job, and I doubt she taught them to ignore their seat belts.)

Because of government regulations, her kids were safer in cars on the highways. Her kids weren’t exposed to lead in paint and gas. Her kids were protected from dangerous toys. Her kids breathed cleaner air.

So why would Bachmann want to endanger the next generation of kids?

The Clean Air Act is a bipartisan jewel in the crown of American democracy. It has done nothing but good–for children, and for businesses, and for job creation. In the years during which the Clean Air Act has been in effect, utility and gas companies have made record profits. And added jobs.

Moms Clean Air Force should not be a partisan effort. We know we can’t fly on a left wing. We know we can’t fly on a right wing. We know we need both wings to soar. And a good, strong center to hold the mothership together.

Clean air is too important to risk for the sake of playing political games. So let’s hear more from the politicians–left, right and center–who understand how important it is to protect our kids’ health. “The Mother of All Repeals?” Enough with the snark. And the bullying. Its nonsense.

Do you support clean air for your kids?  Write the EPA today to tell them you support the new Mercury and Air Toxics Rule which will save lives and protect our kids health.  Fill out our easy letter form here!

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