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BY ON December 2, 2014

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We’ve done extraordinary work over the past year: our force is up to 400,000 members; we now have vibrant chapters in 13 states; and we are continuing to amplify the voices of our members in the national conversation on air pollution and climate. I thank you for joining us. And so do millions of children around the country; they have a right to clean air, and if we don’t protect them, who will?

But we have a huge job ahead of us in 2015. And yes, I’m about to say “Please.” Please make a donation to support our work. Right now, a generous donor will match every dollar you give!

As I sat down to write to you, this is what has happened, literally within a 12 hour timespan:

SMOG: EPA released a new ozone regulation to protect us from ground level ozone, or smog — a powerful lung irritant that is linked to asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and premature death. This is important progress, but the proposed standard could better protect little lungs. Moms deserve to know whether the air our children breathe is healthy.

MERCURY: The pro-polluter lobby is taking its lawsuit against mercury protections to the Supreme Court in an effort to stop our hard-won protections against mercury pollution cold. They’re suing for the right to pollute.

FOSSIL FUEL SUBSIDIES: Congress just announced an agreement to end tax breaks for solar and wind energy — while leaving intact the $600 billion per year subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Here’s how unfair that is: The wealthy and long-established fossil fuel industry gets seven times more subsidies than the new clean energy industry — and has for a century.

GLOBAL WARMING: Regulations to curb the greenhouse gas pollution that is warming our planet, sending our weather into a spiral of unpredictable mayhem, need our full support. We need rules that limit carbon and methane emissions, both of which contribute to climate change. EPA is finalizing carbon limits now, and will be proposing a plan to limit methane before the year is out. We can expect both rules will be under attack all next year.

We have to stay vocal and passionate about protecting our children’s health. Together, we’re making sure our legislators hear us. But we need funding to keep doing this critically important — and urgent — work.

Help us stay strong, and thanks for joining us in this adventure. CLICK HERE to make a donation to support our work.


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