Senators Threaten Mercury Ruling

BY ON May 17, 2012

Hand holding back smoke

We’ve been in a long, tough battle to get strong new protections against mercury and other poisons that spew from coal-fired power plants. Today, with the finish line in sight, one Senator is organizing a campaign to put a halt to the new mercury standards.

The new rule, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, has been 21 years in the making. It has bipartisan support. Even many utility owners agree it is a good rule. They know, as do pediatricians and scientists, that mercury is a terrible neurotoxin that harms the developing hearts, lungs and brains of fetuses, infants and toddlers. It contaminates our food. Mercury does not belong in our air. And it is possible to keep it out, with American-made technology–which many utilities are already using!

Senator Inhofe’s Congressional Review Act is a cynical, heartless political move. We need strong protections against poisons in our air. Please tell your Senator you do not want him or her to support Senator Inhofe’s CRA.

It is past time to stop coal plant pollution.

Parents have a great deal of power. We have to use it. Please sign our petition to your Senator. And please, pick up the phone and call your Senator’s office. We make it easy–all the information you need to make an urgent phone call will come to you once you have signed the petition.

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