Protecting Science Protects Children

BY ON February 26, 2019

Ever since I was a little girl, science has been a tremendous part of my life. My father is a chemical engineer, and I have fond memories of numerous trips to science museums and nature centers around the country, and conducting science experiments at our kitchen table. After earning a degree in environmental studies, I held positions at several organizations that centered around science, including the National Academy of Sciences, Environmental Protection Agency, and an environmental consulting firm where I worked on projects addressing energy efficiency and air quality.

Like most parents, I became quite busy after my two young children were born, worrying about all the daily issues that can bog a mother down. Then, like an earthquake that shocked me to the core, I was shaken from my slumber when the current administration began chipping away at environmental policies that help keep my children healthy. I could no longer sit back and watch as their health and safety was put at risk.

It was then that I tapped into my experience to get involved in my community. I began writing about the environment, as my writings had focused primarily on happiness and stress reduction. But I decided to broaden my work to include not only healthy living and environmental policy, but also how spending time in nature helps us feel calmer and happier.

During this time I discovered Moms Clean Air Force and started reading posts and resources, arming myself with facts about climate change and air pollution, while tracking actions on the state and national level.

Every time we go to the doctor, our lives depend on accurate medical information. When we go shopping, our health and safety are driven to numerous scientific studies that have identified which products are safe for us to use. Science is responsible for giving many of us the ability to have our children. Science has also led to tremendous discoveries that fill us with awe, whether it’s how a rainbow is formed, space exploration to far-away galaxies, or learning about a new species far below the ocean’s surface.

As parents, we all spend our days maneuvering the complicated world around us with the number one goal to make sure our children are happy and safe. This is why I am thrilled there are groups like Moms Clean Air Force, working hard to protect science to protect our children. I hope you will join me in sharing their sound science.


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