Moms At Methane Hearing Ask EPA To Keep Our Air Safe

BY ON December 4, 2018
Maria Guerrero from Aurora, Colorado speaks to Telemundo outside the hearing.

Maria Guerrero from Aurora, Colorado speaks to Telemundo outside the hearing.

This was written by Patrice Tomcik, Moms Clean Air Force’s Oil & Gas Specialist, Consultant:

Parents from across the country traveled to Denver, Colorado to give testimony on November 14th against a recent proposal by Trump’s EPA to weaken the protections that limit the amount of methane and accompanying toxic pollution the oil and gas industry can release into our air.

These methane safeguards – which have been in place for over a year – are designed to protect children, especially those living near oil and gas operations from fracking pollution. The health risks include asthma attacks, respiratory diseases, and even cancer. In addition, methane is a key contributor to climate change. Addressing climate change requires that we take immediate efforts to cut methane pollution.

Fifteen moms, dads, and children from across the country representing the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas were among the 109 people who spoke out in opposition to the rollback, compared to only 6 people who spoke in support of it. In addition to sharing real life stories with the panel of EPA staff, Moms Clean Air Force members also spoke with reporters and were quoted in scores of local and national media outlets helping to spread our message even farther.

Alexis Elliot giving testimony.

Alexis Elliot giving testimony.

One of our younger Moms Clean Air Force members, 15 year-old Alexis Elliot, gave testimony about what it is like to live with intense fracking operations near her home and school in McDonald, Pennsylvania. Alexis’s testimony caught the attention of the local Associated Press reporter who ran this quote of hers in his article Dozens plead with Trump Administration to keep air rule

“Polluters do not need your protection. I do,” said 15-year-old Alexis Elliott, who said emissions from oil and gas wells near her school in McDonald, Pennsylvania, caused her nosebleeds, joint swelling, vision problems and other health effects.

This article was picked up by more than 250 newspapers across the country including the Washington Post and New York Times.



Our passionate moms all spoke with the same unwavering message: the EPA has a responsibility to protect America’s children from threats to their health, and this proposal is a direct violation of that responsibility. It’s why moms all across the country are ready to hold the federal government accountable to provide vital safeguards from harmful oil and gas air pollution.



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