The EPA Is Fracking With Our Future

BY ON October 17, 2018

fracking fire

Scientists are ringing the alarm bells to warn us that time is running out to slow down global warming. There is one thing we can do immediately to make a significant contribution to bring us to climate safety: cut methane emissions.

Whether or not we have fracking sites in our backyards, all of us across the country are relying more and more on natural gas for energy. But gas production can be sloppy and wasteful, and methane is way more powerful at immediately trapping heat than anything else we’re putting into the air. Yet the Trump EPA has proposed significantly weakening methane pollution protections.

The good news is, we can stop this. We can demand that gas companies tighten up production to ensure Zero Waste and Zero Leaks.

“Hey, there’s money to burn!” That’s the way some oil and gas companies seem to think. That means we have methane leaking into our air. And once that methane hits our atmosphere, it causes rapid warming, then leaves carbon dioxide in its wake that warms the planet for centuries to come. Fixing methane leaks is often as simple as turning a valve or closing a tank hatch — it’s easy, and it just makes sense.

We are all in this together. For example, my home state of New York has banned fracking — but New Yorkers are among the largest consumers of natural gas. This same dynamic is playing out across the country.

The situation is urgent. Climate change is supercharging our weather — just look at the unusual power and frequency of hurricanes raging on our coastlines as you read this. That’s just the beginning. So let’s do everything we can to get back to safety.

We ALL must join to fight for climate safety — now.




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