The Power of Moms and Mayors

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It seems like every day we hear about new actions by the federal government to introduce a new dangerous policy or cut a crucial program that protects our air, water, and climate. I won’t lie to you — sometimes it is overwhelmingly appalling. But something incredible has been happening across the country over the last year.

Local governments — cities, towns, municipalities — are stepping up and taking the lead to protect our families, despite the federal government’s attempts to tear down protections. At the same time, moms have been relentlessly showing up and speaking out to protect policies that keep our kids safe. We thought it was about time to channel these two powerful groups of changemakers towards a common goal — protecting the health of our children.

So we’re uniting the power of moms with the power of mayors to create — and support — change from our own neighborhoods. We call it Moms & Mayors. 

Right now, local action has never been more important — or inspiring. Our federal government may be rolling back air, water, and climate protections, but mayors across the country are finding innovative solutions: running their cities on clean energy, saving money, and protecting children’s health. For years, Moms Clean Air Force has had a powerful voice at the federal level. Time and time again, federal officials recognize our red t-shirts as a powerful presence on the Hill. When we raise our voices, people listen — now it’s time to bring the fight home.

Our new Moms & Mayors resources give you the tools you need to work with your community’s local government towards clean air solutions. We’re also hosting Mama Summits in 11 cities this spring, giving Moms the opportunity to work directly with local officials. How will you take action in your community?

The last year has been a difficult one for those of us who care about cleaning our air — and tackling the urgent problem of climate pollution. But if anything positive has come from it, it’s that thousands of parents have realized our power and used it to strengthen our communities and fight for what we know is right for the sake of our kids.





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