Moms and Mayors – Take Action

Attend a Mom Power Summit in your City

A mom power summit is a Moms Clean Air Force locally-organized event that brings together our membership and local leaders to bring attention to issues and policy that impact clean air and children’s health.

Schedule of 2019 Mom Power Summits:

San Antonio, TX March 23 More info coming soon!

Highlights from 2018 Mom Power Summits:

Aurora, CO May 7 View Photos
Albuquerque, NM May 8 View Photos
Miami, FL May 10 View Photos
Columbus, OH May 10 View Photos
Reno, NV May 12 View Photos
Las Vegas, NV May 12 View Photos
Phoenix, AZ May 12 View Photos
Milwaukee, WI May 15 View Photos
Springfield, MO May 15 View Photos
Livingston, MT May 25-27 View Photos

Connect to your Mayor and City Council Members

Mayors and city council members are elected to serve their constituents – that means you! They generally oversee a city’s main departments, including police, fire, education, housing, and transportation. They are concerned not only with daily affairs, but also with the future development of the city. They manage the city’s financial operations, appoint community members to boards and commissions, and protect the welfare of the city and its inhabitants. Mayors and city council members are there to listen to and serve you.

Get to know your mayor and city council members today!

Tips and Resources:

Introduce yourself to your mayor. Write a handwritten letter of introduction. Then follow up with a phone call, to see if you can schedule a time to sit down in person and talk. Think about joining a city board or commission.

Letter of Introduction to your Mayor

Guide to Meeting with Your Mayor

All Aboard: Joining Boards and Commissions

Organize a Mama Summit in your City

Interested in organizing a Mama Summit in your city during our Week of Action May 7-15, 2018? Events may differ in size and type, common components include:

Click here to organize an event with our Mama Summit Toolkit.

Educate Yourself and Other Moms

Check out our library of resources, designed to help you understand and explain the impacts of air pollution and climate change on our children’s health:

How Air Pollution Harms Your Body
Asthma and Outdoor Air Pollution in the Latino Community
How Climate Change Affects Asthma
How Diesel Pollution Affects Your Health
Why Smog is Bad
Climate Change and Children’s Health Fact Sheet
Take Smoke Seriously: Wildfire Smoke and your Health
How Climate Change Makes Hurricanes Worse
Clearing Up Climate Confusion
10 Things You Need to Know About Climate Change and Food Security
How Oil and Gas Operations Impact Your Baby’s Health
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