889 Million Dollars

BY ON January 28, 2015



889 million dollars.

I can’t stop thinking about that number. That’s the amount of funding the Koch brothers are committing to get the president they want into the White House.

889 million dollars. Will that buy oil and gas companies the right to pollute our air, too?

889 million. At that level, 1 billion is a rounding error.

This is unprecedented. Not just the spending—which is staggering, and makes the Koch party as powerful as the Republican or the Democratic parties. It swamps Republican National Committee spending.

The announcement of the amount is unprecedented as well. That was no “leak to the press.” That number was deliberately revealed: It puts every Republican in the country on notice. Toe the Koch line.

889 million: a deafening roar, establishing territory and power, old-fashioned chest-thumping style.

This tsunami of money marks a historic moment in American presidential politics.

The Koch agenda does not include reigning in air pollution. Just the opposite: let air pollution rain down on the people.

What have we got in response? Our votes. Our voices. Our hearts. A moral compass.

We must continue to chip away at air pollution and climate change one piece at a time. We must support solutions steadily and firmly, one at a time.

Right now, parents across the country are supporting EPA’s important new plan to clean up smog pollution. Smog is especially harmful to little lungs, and to the lungs of our beloved grandparents.

Do whatever you can to protect our children’s health.

EPA’s comment period on strong new smog rules is open until MARCH 17. Please sign our petition telling EPA to keep those rules strong.

It is time for moms to roar. Our love must be as powerful as any billionaire’s money.


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