BY ON May 12, 2011

American Electric Power (AEP) is America’s biggest creator of many dangerous kinds of air pollution, including mercury.  Their lobbyists have just written a sweeping, 56-page bill to weaken and delay federal clean air standards. They want to dismantle the Clean Air Act, and gut the EPA by cutting off funding. Group of adults relaxing outside

Now they’re shopping their draft around to see who is willing to sponsor it.

What politician is willing to be totally irresponsible?

What politician is willing to expose pregnant women and unborn children to MORE mercury poisoning–toxins that harm developing brains?

What politician is willing to condemn children to MORE asthma attacks?

What politician is willing to say they don’t care about MORE heart attacks and strokes linked to air pollution?

What politician is willing to say that coal plants should have the right to spew MORE poisons into the air?

What politician is willing to endorse spending millions of dollars on lobbyists rather than on cleaning up the smokestacks?

And, by the way, AEP made $1.2 billion in profits last year.

This bill is scandalous. AEP has hit a new low–and they are trying to drag politicians down with them. Bad enough that AEP has been polluting so freely, for so long. Now, rather than join responsible coal plants in showing leadership, they want to buy permission to keep spewing poisons for decades more. While our children get sicker.

Moms have to speak up here. We’re outraged. We won’t let AEP continue to harm our children.

Join us to make your voice heard here.

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