Ford Tells Pruitt We Don’t Want a Rollback

BY ON March 28, 2018

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Yesterday, Ford Motor Company committed to moving forward on America’s Clean Car Standards, and stressed the importance of fighting climate change. The company announced, in a blog post for, that it is not seeking to kill, or even put on hold, America’s Clean Car Standards:

Ford “supports increasing clean car standards through 2025 and [we] are not asking for a rollback.”

This is a significant statement. It means that Ford is taking leadership, even as other automakers work to undermine the safer air measures. This statement also comes after thousands of parents have signed petitions calling for companies like Ford to stand up to protect our kids — and our voices are powerful. Let’s make sure they are keeping up the good work.

Ford noted its desire to work together with California, which leads the nation, and the world, in driving forward with the next generation of clean car standards — something we should all be working on together. “Today, we face a new era of sustainability.”

Ford also announced that it is important to deliver on CO2 reductions consistent with the Paris Climate Accord. “The cost of believing [climate change] is not real is just too high.”

In short, Ford Motor has committed to moving forward in the fight against climate pollution, and moving forward towards cleaner cars, while EPA Administrator Pruitt wants to move in reverse. It is worth noting that since the Paris Accord was signed, the President has backed off taking leadership on reducing climate pollution, and CO2 emissions are rising globally, as are methane emissions in the US.

Ford’s statement mentions the world we are leaving our children, and grandchildren. “They are counting on us.” That’s a subject dear to our hearts: what kind of world are we bequeathing our families?

Instead, they must support today’s clean car standards and the next generation of protections, so that together we are accelerating to a zero pollution future — for our children’s sake. It’s up to all of us to make sure we’re driving into a cleaner future, instead of going in reverse.

Thank you to all our members who have continuously raised your voices for clean cars. And thank you Bill Ford, Chair of Ford Motors, and Jim Hackett, CEO of Ford Motors. Your leadership means the world to us. Literally.





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