10 Questions to Ask Politicians About Climate Change

BY ON September 5, 2018
Moms Clean Air Force member, Kristin Mink talking with Sen. Cory Booker. Talk to your politicians about climate change

Moms Clean Air Force member, Kristin Mink talking with Sen. Cory Booker

After all the devastating fires, torrential floods, and extreme droughts we’ve seen so far this year, Moms want climate change to be front and center in the minds of all politicians – regardless of political party.

Asking questions lets politicians know we care about climate change, and that it will be a top issue for Moms when we go to the polls. Asking questions also puts the answers on record.

Here are 10 questions to ask politicians:

Science is under attack, with agencies like the EPA and NOAA forced to remove fact-based data about climate change from their websites.

ASK: Do your congressional efforts align with the current administration to undermine the science that supports climate change research? Will you encourage federal (or state) agencies to restore scientific data about climate change to their websites to help educate citizens?

More than 97% of scientists agree that climate change is human-caused, primarily from burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Yet, some politicians still claim climate change is a hoax. 

ASK: Do you acknowledge that climate change is real and poses an immediate threat to the environment and our health and safety? What specific goals and measures do you support for reducing U.S. carbon missions?

An important solution to climate change is to switch as quickly as possible to clean, renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Renewables already account for two-thirds of new power added to the world’s energy grids in 2017, says the International Energy Agency, so it’s important to keep growing this sector of the economy.

ASK: What are your plans to support accelerating adoption of solar and wind technologies? For example, would you support increasing research and development funds to advance renewable technologies? Would you support tax credits to help businesses and consumers cover the costs of transitioning to solar and wind? Would you strive to ensure that renewable technologies become the top priority of state/national energy policy?

Another key solution to climate change is to use energy more efficiently.

ASK: Will you support continuation of EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, which encourages appliance manufacturers to improve the energy efficiency of their products while providing consumers with tools that help them make energy-efficient choices?

As Moms, we’re concerned about the future we’ll be leaving to our children and grandchildren if we don’t stop climate change now. Already we’re seeing more health-realated issues — asthma, Lyme Disease, poison ivy, allergies — not to mention the threats our families face from hurricanes and other natural disasters.

ASK: What reassurance can you offer parents that you are doing everything in your power to halt climate change and protect our health?

A primary cause of climate change is carbon pollution emitted by cars and trucks that burn gasoline and diesel fuel. Vehicles are one of the main sources of pollutants that dirty the air. Current fuel efficiency standards are under attack from the Trump Administration and auto companies.

ASK: Do you support maintaining the fuel efficiency standards already in place, while working to increase fuel efficiency in the future? Where would you like to see investments in mass transit increased to achieve a cleaner, non-polluting transportation system?

Our military agrees that rising sea level, increased extreme weather events, and other consequences of climate change have become national security issues. In fact, they call climate change a “threat multiplier.

ASK: How do you propose to address the dangers to our national security as a result of climate change?

What is your position on America’s Clean Power Plan? EPA originally estimated that the plan, which would cut both carbon emissions and smog pollutants, would prevent up to 3,600 premature deaths and 90,000 childhood asthma attacks annually if it were fully implemented. But the current administration is trying to revoke the plan by using faulty science and fake news to downplay public health risks associated with burning fossil fuels.

ASK: What would you do to protect America’s Clean Power Plan?

Clean, renewable energy is an exciting source of new jobs in America. In fact, solar created over 370,000 jobs in 2016, compared to 160,000 for coal.

ASK: What policies would you put in place to ensure that this promising source of employment for Americans continues to grow?

It’s easy to pay lip service to stopping climate change, but we need action now. 

ASK: What are your specific plans, including actions and timetables, for helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a substantial amount, and how will you fund and implement them?

Here’s a few ways to make the climate ask:

  • Call and ask to speak to the point person on energy and the environment.
  • Attend town hall meetings and pose a question directly. You can find out when town halls are scheduled by going to Town Hall Project here.
  • Submit questions in writing.
  • Follow social media accounts.
  • Submit questions to reporters who cover politics and encourage them to ask about energy policies.



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