Moms Are Activists, Moms Are Heroes

BY ON May 9, 2014
Mothers do tremendous jobs in today’s world. She’s a nurturer, healer, chauffeur, teacher, chef, guidance counselor, supporter and provider. How about activist? On a daily basis, we do everything to ensure our babies are healthy. Whether it’s choosing health care, food or education; we surround...

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“I Wanted To Be The Best Mom Possible – The Government Wouldn’t Help Me, So I Decided To Do It Myself.” ~ Lois Gibbs

BY ON April 21, 2014
On Earth Day, April 22, the American Masters series on PBS is presenting A Fierce Green Fire, a documentary which timelines the environmental movement’s past five decades. Beginning in the 1960s, the one-hour film is chock full of backstory that contextualizes where the struggle is...

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