7 Ways Wheeler Can Save EPA

BY ON July 27, 2018

woman holding up 7 fingers for 7 ways Andrew Wheeler can save the EPA

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Thursday withdrew Scott Pruitt’s midnight-hour memo, which waived enforcement standards for super-polluting “glider” trucks. Wheeler’s decision is a win for anyone who breathes. But Wheeler has a long way to go before he distinguishes himself from scandal-plagued former Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Moms expect the head of EPA to protect our children from air pollution and climate change. To do that, he must:

  1. Close the Glider Trucks pollution loophole once and for all by withdrawing the proposed rule altogether.
  2. Stop the assault on lifesaving science by withdrawing the Censored Science proposal.
  3. Stop the rollback of the Clean Car Standards, which protect us from climate change and save money at the gas pump.
  4. Stop the attacks on standards that limit methane and other pollution from oil and gas operations.
  5. Address greenhouse gas pollution from power plants and other sources, as required under the Clean Air Act and affirmed by the Endangerment Finding.
  6. Protect pregnant women, babies, and children from mercury pollution through robust implementation of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.
  7. Restore essential scientific information about climate change to the EPA website.

Moms are watching.


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