Toxic Chemical Reform Breakthrough

BY ON May 19, 2016

Illustration of cleaning products on a grocery shelf

Dangerous — poisonous — chemicals are all around us. (Tweet this)

Congress has announced an upcoming vote on a bill to protect us from harmful chemicals. Your representative in Congress could be voting on it within a day or two.

Aren’t you sick and tired of looking at all the stuff in your house — carpets, mattresses, furniture, toys, cleaning products — and wondering if it contains chemicals that are harmful to your health? Our chemical safety law is so weak that we are surrounded by chemicals that can cause cancers, disrupt our hormones, interfere with brain development, trigger asthma, infertility, diabetes and cause other serious problems.

We should not be living this way. Now there is hope for serious reform.

Is this new bill perfect — with every single provision we wanted? No. That bill would never pass this Congress — or any in the foreseeable future. But compared to what we’ve got now? That’s a no-brainer. This is a significant — and exciting — improvement. This is reason for terrific optimism — and it wouldn’t have happened without all of your voices demanding change. Now we have to get it across the finish line.

No one in America should be poisoned by their stuff. (Tweet this)


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