You Made History: Major Toxic Chemical Reform

BY ON June 7, 2016

Kids jumping for joy, maybe over toxic chemical reform!

Today we made history. (Tweet this) Minutes ago, the Senate approved a bill to overhaul America’s chemical regulations. This is a huge victory — and it couldn’t have happened without YOU.

This bill will help protect our children from toxic chemicals. Years in the making, the bill will replace the outdated, broken law that allowed untested chemicals into our homes for almost 40 years. Today’s unanimous vote will finally give EPA the authority to regulate dangerous chemicals like asbestos and toxic flame retardants.

You raised your voice to demand change. You did this.

Now we are one signature away from having this bill become the law of the land. We know President Obama will do the right thing. Join us in celebrating today’s Senate vote!

I thank all of you for your dedication, I could not be more excited and more moved.


TOPICS: Children's Health, Toxics