You Can Clean Up Our Cars

BY ON December 16, 2016

Car and rainbow illustration showing support for clean car standards


In the midst of a lot of anxiety about nominees who seem determined to get rid of clean air protections, let’s focus on some good news about ways we can solve our problems.

America’s Clean Car Standards, finalized in 2014, get our cars to give us more miles per gallon.They are a win for our health, a win for clean air, and a win for our wallets. EPA’s standards will make sure that cars go further on less gas, and they give the auto industry until 2025 to clean up its act.

The EPA recently completed a required review of these standards. The agency found that the standards are working well and should stay in place. Now they’ve asked the public what we think of the standards. It’s our turn.

You and I, America’s taxpayers, gave the auto industry a huge bailout not that long ago. Now, it’s time for the auto industry to take care of us. Design cars that go further, using fewer precious resources, making less pollution. Protect our health by cleaning up the air. Protect our wallets by making it easier to fill the tank.


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