Some Bright Green Notes

BY ON June 22, 2011

I offer a couple of bright green notes today. First, please, sign up to join Moms Clean Air Force.

When you sign up for the force we will be able to send you Action alerts (we will never ask for money)–with suggestions for what you can do to protect and strengthen our terrific, bipartisan Clean Air Act, signed into law forty years ago by President Nixon.  Group of adults relaxing outside

This is a critical fight! We just heard Michele Bachmann suggesting “the Mother of All Repeals” of the Clean Air Act–and I wish I could say she was alone, but there in my beloved Kentucky, home to generations of Brownings, is Representative Ed Whitfield, from Hopkinsville (cherished town of childhood memories for me), also inserting “repeal” rhetoric into his public statements.

To balance this extremism, here’s a link to Republicans for Environmental Protection. Thankfully, the Republican party hasn’t been highjacked by extremist, anti-science rhetoric. They have created a National Registry of Green Republicans. I have written about how we have to be bipartisan in this fight. I hope the Republicans will show real leadership in this latest round, by supporting EPA’s new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

I’ve just posted a piece at the EDF website, America’s Next Generation of Chief Green Officers, about one of their most creative programs, Climate Corps. Only a few years old, Climate Corps places MBA students into summer fellowships with companies across the country, after training them to find, assess, and monetize energy efficiencies.

Facebook has taken three fellows for the summer. Many of them post about their experiences as they unfold. The students have already racked up impressive savings. As one of their professors told them, there was once a time when no one had IT departments. Soon, everyone will have EE departments. This program was flooded with applicants for fellowships. I’m looking forward to the day in the not too distant future when CC is sending out hundreds of fellows every summer.

These fellows are the next green generation. It is for them, and for their children, that we are fighting for Clean Air. Please join us.

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