Good News! Clean Energy is Booming

BY ON February 27, 2017
With all the political hand-wringing going on these days, you’d think there’s no good news anywhere. But at least when it comes to clean energy, there’s almost nothing but good news. Consider this: Solar panels on home rooftops and in industrial-sized fields accounted for 39%...

TOPICS: Politics, Renewable Energy

Moms and Kids Speak Out at Town Halls

BY ON February 24, 2017
  This week, I attended a Town Hall hosted by my borough’s councilman. The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, was the key attraction. A large crowd of people, from the diverse neighborhoods within our districts, filled the gymnasium. It was my first experience...

TOPICS: Activism, Politics

Scott Pruitt: Getting to Know Him

BY ON February 23, 2017
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt recently introduced himself to the public in an 11-minute speech. I tuned in, because our work with EPA is so important in protecting our children’s health—and their futures. Pruitt’s speech was clever. He co-opted the spirits of Alexander Hamilton and John...

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