Polar Vortex Explained

BY ON January 30, 2019
Polar vortex graphic of Earth via New York Times

Polar vortex graphic of Earth via New York Times

I’ve been trying to stay on top of the extreme weather news—trying to understand just how dangerous climate change is becoming. Climate scientists are making connections between a warming world and frigid temperatures.

“What is causing such extreme weather across the United States? The polar vortex, an ominous-sounding system of wind and cold air over the North Pole, broke apart this month.”

This graphic from the New York Times is fantastic. It makes clear exactly what a polar vortex is, why it can become life-threatening, and how we are all connected.

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A few years ago, I was fascinated by the brilliant Wind Map created by Google’s “Big Picture.” Watching the pattern of the wind, in real time, translated as digital data on a U.S. map is equally mesmerizing—and deeply moving.

The graphic makes a simple point: Wind connects us all—it knows no state or country boundaries. Pollution in Ohio is felt in Texas; pollution in Wyoming is seen from outer space . We live in a world wrapped in connections—that’s why we need an urgent and ambitious national response to get us to 100% Clean Energy as fast as possible.


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