We Mourn the Loss of One of Our Own, Jenny Linn

BY ON January 28, 2016

Jenny Linn

This was written by Moms Clean Air Force Ohio Field Manager, Tracy Sabetta:

Back in late 2011, Moms Clean Air Force started a field program in Ohio to educate and mobilize moms and parents around issues of children’s health. Our very first organizer on the ground was Jenny Linn, an unstoppable force of positive energy who worked every single day to learn about air pollution, advocacy, and the legislative process. Jenny instantly established the identity of Moms Clean Air Force in Ohio.

Through her work in Central Ohio, Jenny recruited a team of Supermoms who signed up new members at community events, visited lawmakers, and created countless activities for local kids to help them learn about sustainable living and the natural treasures that surrounded them. This group of women quickly became more than colleagues, they developed a friendship that motivated them all to work hard and have fun. As time went by, Jenny and her team were advocating in US Senate offices, talking to reporters, and holding rallies for clean air.

Jenny Linn speaking for Moms Clean Air Force

In the early hours of January 27, Jenny lost a long and valiant battle with cancer, and our movement lost a very special soul. Years ago, Jenny had beaten breast cancer. After her cancer went into remission, she lived her life in the healthiest way possible. She was an avid cyclist, and loved spending time outdoors. She learned about toxins in our air, water, and products, and worked to make reducing toxins a mission of Moms Clean Air Force in Ohio and across the country.

When her cancer returned in 2013 and spread throughout her body, Jenny broke the news to us with unimaginable dignity and grace. She would need to step away from her work to focus on her health and her family. While we desperately wanted to say or do the right thing to help in any way we could, in true Jenny style, she eventually ended up comforting and consoling us. Her team of Supermoms rallied around her.

Jenny fought cancer the same way she fought for the issues she believed in — with incredible passion and the fierceness of a mom. Because she was Chase’s mom. That fact alone fueled her strength to continue fighting for one more day.

Jenny Confer LinnJenny’s very first blog post concluded with, “We need to clean up the air in Ohio so our beautiful children can grow up healthy in this great place we call our home.”

Unfortunately, Jenny will not be here to watch her beautiful Chase grow up, but the work she did with Moms Clean Air Force and throughout her life will help ensure that he grows up healthier. While it is cold comfort for a life lost too soon, it would make Jenny very happy to know that she will impact his life and the life of so many others every day.

We will miss you, Jenny. Thank you for everything.



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