Climate Change All-Nighter At The US Senate

BY ON March 7, 2014

american flag themed alarm clock for a climate change all-nighter

There’s nothing moms like more than slumber parties — when they’re happening at someone else’s house, because no one ever gets to sleep. The esteemed Senator from Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse, is pulling an all-nighter — on Monday, March 10th, on the Senate floor.

He and at least 25 of his Senatorial colleagues will be talking about global warming — to wake Congress up. We’re glad. Climate change keeps us up at night, too.

Moms Clean Air Force will be covering the action live on Twitter (@CleanAirMoms) using the hashtag #up4climate and on our Facebook page.

Senate Majority Leader Reid will be kicking off the event sometime around 6:30 or 7pm EDT Monday, so make sure to tune in on C-SPAN.

Lobbyists fighting for the right to pollute need to know: we aren’t planning pillow fights. We’re fighting for our children’s futures.

Rise and Shine, Senate People! We applaud you. And we thank you. Fresh, clean Moms Clean Air Force Tee Shirts for the morning after are on us.


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