Stopping Climate Change Starting Now

BY ON June 25, 2013

A toddler boy holds an earth ball in his hands

June 25, 2013, will go down in the history books. It is the first time a President of the United States has committed this great nation to fighting climate change.

This is exactly what moms have been asking President Obama to do: give us a plan to fight global warming. On behalf of the 139,000 members of our vibrant community of moms, I thank the President for his leadership.

The president has outlined several important goals: Cut carbon from coal-fired power plants. Tighten up on energy efficiency standards. Use federal lands to deploy renewable energy. Craft international teams to cut greenhouse gas pollutants globally—because we are all in this together. I’ll be writing to you more about how you can support each of these initiatives over the next few months.

The President’s plan is based on common sense, and grounded in science—as well as good old American values of ingenuity and stewardship.

  • Energy efficiency means that we stop wasting precious resources—energy for which our sons and daughters have fought and died.
  • Pollution is dirty–and deadly–and doesn’t belong in our air.
  • The development of clean, renewable energy is good for the economy—it  will maintain America leadership into the next century.
  • America must take a leadership position globally–and that mean that everything we do to cut our emissions won’t be undone by other big polluters.
  • We have a moral responsibility to fight climate change.
  • We must protect our children’s futures.

Here’s the beauty: This plan is achievable. It is workable. It is doable. We can do what it takes to avoid climate catastrophe—and have a strong, vibrant economy. All over this country, Americans are showing the way. Just last week the mayor of Houston, Texas–the heart of oil country–announced that Houston, in buying 50% of its electricity from renewable power sources, was on the road to becoming “the alternative energy capital of the world.”

Now we must all join forces.

Make no mistake: the science on human-caused climate change is settled. Global warming is already changing our lives: massive, suffocating heat waves are affecting our health; extreme storms are tearing apart families and destroying neighborhoods; unrelenting droughts are scorching the earth, and threatening our food supply. Our children–and theirs–will face catastrophe if we do not stop the greenhouse gas emissions that are throwing off balance not only our atmosphere, but also changing the very chemistry of our oceans.

The President’s plan has received wide support–including power companies–but, you can be sure that the climate deniers and corporate polluters will stop at nothing to protect their profits–even at the cost of our futures. Let the wild rumpus start!

Please join me in thanking President Obama for his leadership, and in telling your Congressional representative to do everything in her or his power to support carbon pollution standards for power plants that will cut carbon pollution and help deliver healthier air and a safer climate for our families.

We cannot afford to do too little, too late. The new carbon rules will not even be proposed until June 2014. We will watch this carefully. The stakes are too high. Stop global warming–before it stops us.



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