Author: Dominique Browning

Dominique BrowningDominique Browning is the co-founder and Senior Director of Moms Clean Air Force, a special project of the Environmental Defense Fund. She is a writer and editor — and the mother of two sons. She blogs at Slow Love Life and writes regularly for the New York Times and Dominique contributes to W, Wired, Whole Living, and Good Housekeeping, among other publications. She has spent most of her journalistic career in the magazine world, as an editor at Esquire, Texas Monthly, Newsweek, and House & Garden. She is the author of several books; the most recent is SLOW LOVE: How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas, & Found Happiness.

Let’s Talk, And Let’s Listen

BY ON October 31, 2013
One of my life rules is very simple, but not always easy to follow: Just Show Up. Being present — at a friend’s celebration, at a memorial, at a lecture — matters so much, even though many things get in the way, whether scheduling conflicts...

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Improve And Move

BY ON October 17, 2013
No, this is not my life mantra. But I’m considering it. “Improve—and move” is our mantra for the new proposal to reform the 37 year old –and dangerously ineffective—law, the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976. This is our chance to make a HUGE difference...

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End The Shutdown

BY ON October 7, 2013
I’ll tell you who is really happy about the government shutdown: Polluters. They know EPA cannot move forward on the historic — and urgent — rules to cut carbon pollution. With 94% of EPA employees out of work, none of our Clean Air rules can...

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