The Air Song

BY ON July 1, 2011

Here’s a catchy tune to take you through the weekend, the Air Song from HAIR, the 1968 hit musical. (This is the recent version. I like the old one much better–this one’s too clean and cute–but I can’t find a recording online.) Here’s another version done by the original Sao Paulo cast in 1969. It has the right slightly lazy beat. And here’s a cover from IamNotTheMoon, complete with visuals: coal-fired electric plants spewing toxics into the air over playgrounds.

Welcome sulphur dioxide,
Hello carbon monoxide
The air, the air is everywhere
Breathe deep, while you sleep, breathe deep

Cough! Deep! Cough! Deep da Deep Deep! But seriously, folks. Can you believe that in 2011 we’re fighting the fight for Clean Air all over again? Surely President Obama doesn’t intend to preside over the dismantling of President Nixon’s proud bipartisan legacy, the Clean Air Act?

TOPICS: Coal, Pollution