Naptime Activism

BY ON September 26, 2011

Dominique BrowningNo one knows busy better than a mom. I’ve got dear friends who have just had twins, and after a day with the infants, I’m exhausted. And I don’t have night duty.

I remember those days as a young mother – I couldn’t even find time to wash my hair, and I would get to the end of the day wondering what I had accomplished.

Well, the answer to that, at least, was clear: I had accomplished getting my own infant through another day, protecting him, nurturing him, feeding him, hovering over him, making sure he kept breathing, surrounding him with love.

Lately I’ve been struck by how much we all buy to keep our babies safe from harm–the right cleaning products, organic foods, paint with no fumes. But we all have to open the windows, go out the door, breathe in the air. We all want that air to be as clean as possible. And for that, we can’t buy anything (though polluters want to buy the right to pollute.) We have to do something.

That’s why Moms Clean Air Force believes so deeply in what I call “Naptime Activism”. Because I know how hard it is to find a moment for myself, much less for the whole world. But I also know that the whole world is what awaits my children. And I know that sometimes, being a good mom means being an engaged citizen.

Naptime Activism means you can do things to make the world better, safer, and cleaner – while your child naps. You can sign a petition to Congress faster than you can change a diaper.

Naptime Activism is what an entirely new generation of moms is going to turn to in order to make their voices heard. Because when people in Washington D.C. – or out on the campaign trail – are shouting about abolishing the EPA and killing the Clean Air Act, we have got to shout even louder to tell them to stop those silly games, and get serious about saving lives.

With Naptime Activism, moms can do great good – and there’s even time left over for mom to take a nap. If you haven’t done so, please Join Moms Clean Air Force. And if you have, thanks, and please, twitter this post out to ten friends who should join you.

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  • Love it!

  • Naptime activists unite! Thanks for the great message, Dominique.

  • Even busy moms can find their power and connect to the wider world. Go, mamas!

  • Love the concept of naptime activism.

  • Mark Danisovszky

    Please don’t just say “people”or “politicians” are out on the campaign trail seeking to eliminate clean air laws. They are “Republicans” exclusively. It’s an unfortunate and harrowing. Minimizing the truth strengthens their destructive cause.

  • diane

    Thank you Dpminique for you heartfelt work for our children and grandchildren
    just finished Slow Love yesterday how I enjoyed getting to know you vey inspiring
    with much appreciation diane

  • Dominique Browning

    Thank you so much, Diane, for your very kind and supportive words. I’m delighted to have you join our efforts to make the world better for our children.

    I wish I could say it is only “Republicans” who are undermining clean air laws. In fact, when you look at voting records, there are Republicans voting for clean air, and Democrats voting for pollution–so it is a mixed bag, though, clearly, the pattern has shifted away from the overwhelming bipartisan support clean air enjoyed when President Richard Nixon signed the Clean Air Act into law in 1970, or when President Bush I signed the Clean Air Amendments into law in 1990.

    I hope we can move on to enjoying such bipartisan support for clean air.