Activism Burnout? Try Naptime Activism!

BY ON November 20, 2013

cartoon with caption "activism burnout--just say no" advocates for naptime activism

No need for activism burnout if you are a member of Moms Clean Air Force. Our moms and dads do Naptime Activism! What is Naptime Activism? This means you can do things to make the world better, safer, and cleaner – while your child naps, or does homework, or is off at college doing…whatever. Naptime Activism is what moms and dads can do to make their voices heard.

5 Naptime Activism actions you can take right now!

  1. SIGN a petition to tell Senators to help stop climate change.
  2. GET toxic chemicals out of the bodies of our children.
  3. END tax breaks for oil, gas and coal.
  4. JOIN Moms Clean Air Force.
  5. SHARE the love.

Now, that was easy, wasn’t it? Thank you.

Cartoon: Danny Shanahan

TOPICS: Activism