Senate Confirms Former Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator

BY ON February 28, 2019

Andrew Wheeler — a former coal industry lobbyist and Acting Administrator after disgraced Scott Pruitt resigned — has just been confirmed to become the official head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This takes the country another step further in the direction of normalizing the degradation of EPA’s core mission to protect human health and our environment.

Moms from across the country fought this nomination with everything they had — and we’re not stopping now. We’re not giving up on our children’s health. We will hold Wheeler accountable for every rollback and regulatory attack that threatens our children’s health. But we need you to join us in the fight.
Wheeler would rather protect coal industry profits than keep our children safe.

Wheeler’s attacks on our children’s health and future in his two-year tenure at EPA have been dangerous and wide-ranging. He’s proven time and time again that his priorities lie with polluting industries rather than America’s kids. Wheeler’s fingerprints are all over the most regressive environmental proposals of the Trump Administration.

Moms are currently fighting two of Wheeler’s most recent attacks. First, Wheeler is trying to undermine the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, which limit harmful mercury pollution from coal plants. The standards are in place and working to protect Americans from being exposed to mercury, which can interfere with the normal growth of babies’ brains and reduce IQ.

Second, Wheeler is trying to roll back an Obama-era rule that limits the amount of carbon pollution emitted from newly built coal plants. Wheeler actually wants to make it easier for coal plants to put heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the air, threatening our children’s future.


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