You Make All the Difference

BY ON January 9, 2018

My children are grown up—and starting families of their own! But I’m not done protecting them—or making the air cleaner and safer for this and future generations of loved ones.

And that’s exactly why your support means the world to me—and to everyone who works at Moms Clean Air Force.

Our staff couldn’t let the New Year start without letting you know how much we appreciate the crucial role you play:

“The million members of Moms Clean Air Force have made a huge difference in advocating for the health of our children. While each day brings a new challenge, moms across the country have stepped up and made their voices heard resoundingly. I am so grateful for the courage, resolve and passion of you all. I know our country is in good hands with moms at the helm.”
-Karin Quimby, National Field Director

“One of the most important things you can do is personally attend EPA hearings and Congressional meetings to tell your own stories, in your own words, about why you care about clean air. By making these issues deeply personal, you reach the hearts and minds of decision-makers and move them to act. Thank you for volunteering your time, and donating the resources we need to support this critical work.”
-Molly Rauch MPH, Public Health Policy Director
Trisha Sheehan
“This work can be hard. And exhausting. And personal. And emotional. But it’s necessary. And my children know that. As a mom to a child whose health has been impacted from exposure to a toxic chemical, the work I do directly benefits his future. Moms Clean Air Force has empowered me to use my voice to advocate for my child and all children as well as future generations. Thank you to our million members from across the country who have allowed me to speak out on their behalf to make this world a better place for all of us.”
-Trisha Sheehan, National Field Manager

“As a parent, it’s deeply satisfying to work beside other parents towards a common goal: to protect our children’s health from the urgent crisis of climate change. I’m inspired daily by how our growing membership supports the in-depth articles and science-based resources we provide on our website. Thank you!”
-Ronnie Citron-Fink, Editorial Director

“You bring the reality of climate change and how it impacts our health to as many
people as possible. All day long, I witness hundreds and thousands of you like, comment, and share our stories with your friends and family. This multiplies our voice and ensures that millions of people now understand how climate pollution impacts their health and their children’s health. Thank you so much for lending us your voice.” -Shaun Dakin, Social Media Director

“We would not be where we are today if not for the passion and determination of our members to help fight this climate fight. We arm you with the knowledge you need, but you bring the courage and confidence to speak to your elected officials on environmental problems that are affecting your community.”
-Alyson Lee, Senior Assistant

This past year was tough. Sometimes, it was difficult just to keep going. But with you behind us, we knew victories were within our reach. Together, we survived 2017, but our children deserve much, much more than just survival. They deserve a healthy future. With your continued support and dedication, 2018 will be a year of activism and action.

We won’t just survive. We will thrive. And we have you to thank for that.



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