Teach Your Kids to Keep Old Gadgets Out of the Trash

BY ON April 9, 2019

With technology moving at record-speed, the latest and greatest gadgets are obsolete so darn quickly. When we discard these electronic devices, where do they go?

According to a recent New York Times article titled, “One Thing You Can Do: Keep Your Gadgets Out of the Trash”:

“About half of American states, including New York, have e-waste recycling laws, and around 20 states ban certain types of electronics from landfills. These laws were adopted because many gadgets contain toxic metals — like lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium — that can leak into groundwater and soil, poisoning the ecosystem.

Want to keep the environment cleaner, and teach your kids the importance of recycling?

Here are 2 things the article suggests to do instead of throwing away unwanted gadgets:

  1. Give those devices a second life. “That applies especially to laptops, tablets and cellphones, which we often discard simply because we want to upgrade.” Check out Computers With Causes or the World Computer Exchange.
  2. Take the devices to a certified recycling center. Many electronics can be refurbished for reuse. Troy Hanna, a reuse technician at the Lower East Side Ecology Center says,

“When I refurbish an old computer and somebody buys it, then I do my job twice. First for the environment, and second for that person who can now use a device that would have ended up in the landfill.”



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