Tell NBC to Ask the Presidential Candidates How They Will Combat Global Warming

BY ON September 13, 2016

Presidential Debate written on a chalkboard
We roasted all summer. Temperature records all over the world snapped. Climate pollution is keeping in the sun’s radiation. With every year that we do nothing to stop the pollution, the problem gets worse.

We have one candidate for president who won’t even talk about the problem, defying scientific fact and calling it a hoax—and his party is mostly, shamefully, in denial with him.

Worst of all, major networks have not seriously taken global warming on in any forum to date. They have kept quiet. Instead, they should be asking the candidates to give us strong solutions worthy of a global crisis.

This is where you come in — because after all, moms know that you can’t solve a problem by denying it exists, or refusing to talk about it.

The first presidential debate is coming up on Monday, September 26th. The moderator, Lester Holt of NBC, decides what will be covered.

The media has to hold the candidates for the country’s highest office accountable. (Tweet this)

We are experiencing floods — on sunny days — as oceans rise. Our President has called climate change “terrifying.”  Military leaders tell us that climate change is leading to war, as in Syria. This is not a world parents and grandparents want for our children.

Don’t collude with deniers. More and more Americans understand that global warming is a huge, life-threatening problem. Our media has a responsibility to ask the candidates about global warming.

Major news outlets, from Fox to USA Today to the Wall Street Journal, are confusing Americans with disinformation about global warming. We demand better.


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