What a Showing at our Play-In for Climate Action!

BY ON July 10, 2015

Kids at the Washington DC play-in

We’re exhausted. And elated.

Five hundred Moms Clean Air Force members — big and little (representing over half a million of you who couldn’t be there) — took our message to Senate Park in Washington DC to tell our lawmakers: You may not, you cannot, and you will not, gamble with our children’s lives. Climate change isn’t about polar bears anymore, poor dears. It is about people. Our children. Our health.

Our Play-In for Climate Action was a blast, a whirl of music, color, puppets, hula hoops, and inspiration. More than thirty nurses — in those confidence-inspiring blue scrubs — joined us. (For more information on how the health care community can spread the word about climate and its impact on our health, please visit our website.)

Our March to the Capitol building caused a bit of a kerfuffle with the Capitol Police — who didn’t agree that our permits were valid — right in front of climate change denier Senator Inhofe’s office, by coincidence, but that didn’t stop us from singing and chanting and just being all around noisemakers in support of climate solutions.

And solutions abound. So far, it is hard to beat America’s Clean Power Plan to curb carbon pollution, and strong methane rules to curb fracking pollution, and strong smog rules, and strong fuel economy rules, and strong energy efficiency rules. And how about a massive, moonshot investment in doing what it takes to cut through outmoded legal hurdles to spread the power of wind and solar energy?

Republican and Democratic lawmakers who don’t like regulations should come up with other ideas for how to cut carbon and methane emissions. It is getting more and more expensive to do nothing. We’re all ears. And all votes.

Moms hear every excuse in the book for why things can’t get done. We’ve had enough of that. We’re turning to the leaders who get things done.

Because there is no other option.

Thanks for all your support. Your love matters.

For more photos from this amazing day, CLICK HERE.

Photo: Ted Fink Photography


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