Mother Love Gives Birth To A Movement

BY ON January 27, 2013

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At Moms Clean Air Force, we do exactly what we teach our children to do: we “use our words” to say what we want. We do not tell lies. We tell the truth. When we see danger, we shout it out. Lives are at stake. We speak from the heart. That’s our approach to air pollution. That’s our approach to climate change. And we are telling Washington that we want our leaders to fly right.

We are harnessing the power of mother love. We’ve learned by now that unless Washington hears from strong, determined mothers, grandmothers, aunts–and fathers of course–that we want children’s interests front and center, their safety will be compromised.

Lives are at stake. We speak from the heart. And we are telling Washington that we want our leaders to fly right.

Mom with kids at gun control rally.Gun control is not “our” issue, in the sense that we are focused on air pollution, inside and outside, and climate disruption–that is a huge fight that will take years. We must stay focused. But protecting children IS most certainly our issue, and should be the issue of anyone who cares not only about our future, but about the quality of our lives right now. So we want to take a moment to salute a group of extraordinary parents who are devoting themselves to gun control: One Million Moms For Gun Control. Our own super dad, Shaun Dakin, who runs our social media efforts at MCAF, has also been working furiously on gun control. He’s the father of an 8 year old. He is also the primary caregiver in their family as his wife is giving care to many children as a pediatrician in the DC area.

“It is inspiring to see so many moms work incredibly hard to protect their most precious of all things, their children. With Moms Clean Air Force I’ve been lucky to be part of the “Moms Movement” to protect our environment. While gun control is not an environmental issue, protecting our children is a common cause.” ~ MCAF social media director, Shaun Dakin

Read all about One Million Moms For Gun Control in an excellent analysis by Lisa Belkin, who has been one of my favorite writers for many years. We are thrilled to see the energy, passion, focus and intensity of women of all ages marching in freezing cold weather–exercising their citizenship.

Keep telling Washington: Listen to Your Mothers!


Photo: Shaun Dakin

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