A Big Win For Mercury And Air Toxics Standards

BY ON April 15, 2014

kid in red cape and blue mask with raised fist

Today the DC circuit court denied and dismissed legal challenges to the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

All of you were key in fighting for these vital protections a few short years ago. They cut mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants; that pollution enters our air, then our water, our fish, and ourselves. Mercury, and all the other poisons coming from coal plants, are extremely dangerous to pregnant women, and have been proven to harm the developing brains of fetuses.

After 21 years of dirty politics, the standards passed. Even so, polluters turned around to sue for the right to keep polluting. This time they lost.

Moms Clean Air Force—all of you—made a big difference in getting those standards passed. You signed petitions, wrote letters, met with elected officials, and made phone calls. The new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards are now a beacon: our voices matter. We can accomplish impossible dreams.

Polluters don’t care about health—ours, or our children’s. But we do.

We’ll direct the same focus and passion to fighting the biggest problem of them all: The greenhouse gas pollution that is causing our climate to change. Powerful stuff. But then again, so are you.

All the best, with my gratitude to you for joining forces.



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