Attacking the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards is Poisonous for Our Children

BY ON December 28, 2018

pregnant woman, little girl, pollution and clouds

Today, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a proposal to undermine and weaken the life-saving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which sets limits on mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants. Mercury, a neurotoxic heavy metal, is particularly harmful to the developing brains of babies and children. Moms Clean Air Force strongly opposes this proposal.

Moms Clean Air Force has been working to protect babies from mercury pollution ever since we started mobilizing mothers eight years ago. No one welcomes this attack—not even the utility sector, which has invested in equipment to keep mercury out of the air. The damage from mercury extends beyond our families; it harms songbirds, bats, and marine mammals. The standards in place now are working. We will not stand by as Trump’s EPA sabotages hard-won standards.

Make no mistake: this is a prelude to undermining many more environmental health protections. If Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler – a former coal industry lobbyist – thinks squeezing every last dollar out of antiquated coal plants is more important than a baby’s brain, he should think again. Moms won’t back down from this fight until he backs off our kids. It’s that simple.

This proposal just adds to the overwhelming evidence that Andrew Wheeler is not fit to be placed in charge of safeguarding public health at the EPA.


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