Be A Force For Clean Air: Mercury

A How-To Guide to Defending the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

Did you know that mercury can reduce IQ and interfere with normal brain development in babies?

Most of the mercury in fish comes from coal plants. That’s why the EPA requires coal plants to limit the amount of mercury they emit into our air. The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, finalized in 2012, has helped to dramatically lower mercury emissions from coal plants. In addition, it’s responsible for annually preventing up to 11,000 premature deaths, nearly 5,000 heart attacks, and 130,000 asthma attacks.

But now the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards are under attack. The Trump administration wants to undermine this important pollution protection standard. How could anyone think it’s okay to add more harmful mercury to our air? Join moms, mayors, public health experts, scientists, industry leaders, and members of Congress to oppose this attack on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.


Sign a Petition

One signature seems small, but it all adds up. With a simple click, you can add your name to our petition to tell both the EPA and your Senators and Representative that you are outraged by this proposed reversal because it will harm our babies’ brains. You click, we deliver. And don’t forget to share it so others can add their voice.

Don’t Let EPA Get Away with Poisoning our Babies’ Brains

Call Your Lawmaker

One of the most important things you can do is to call your lawmakers in Congress and ask them to oppose the reversal of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. Your lawmakers work for you. Their actual job is to listen to you. Tell them you are deeply concerned by EPA’s attempt to undermine a bedrock pollution protection that is protecting the health of babies. It is unacceptable for the EPA to gamble with our children’s health for the benefit of coal industry polluters.

Make the Call: Demand Congress Protect Our Babies’ Brains

Email Your Lawmaker

Elected officials’ email addresses are public for a reason — you can email them. Take advantage of this quick, digital way to make your voice heard by typing up an email and clicking send. You can even copy and paste our template email below.

Sample email on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
U.S. Senate Contact Info
U.S. House of Representatives Contact Info

Write a Letter

OK, it’s old school. But it works. Put a pen to paper, and rediscover snail mail. A hand-written postcard or letter to your lawmaker is a powerful way to make your voice heard. The stationary doesn’t need to be fancy. Crayons work too — ask your kids to help!

Printable naptime note cards
Sample letter on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
U.S. Senate Contact Info
U.S. House of Representatives Contact Info


Write a Letter to the Editor

Your local paper wants to hear from you — that’s why they publish letters to the editor on all kinds of subjects. Let your newspaper and community know that you are concerned about the mercury rollbacks and why.

How to write a Letter to the Editor (LTE)

Learn more

There is so much to learn about mercury and how it harms our babies’ brains. You don’t have to be an expert to understand the science and solutions. Explore the links below, then, talk to your friends, neighbors, and community leaders about these issues. Knowledge is power.

How mercury poisoning works
Mercury pollution in the United States
What you need to know the assault on MATS
Mercury infographic
Focus on: mercury

Get Social

Take your message to social media! Use our guidance to share why the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards must be defended.

Defending #MATS social media guidance

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Show Up

You can also show up in person to make your voice heard–whether it’s meeting with your lawmakers or attending a local event.

Contact Trisha to learn more about how you can make a difference on the ground.


Party On

Host a house party or cafecito, so parents can learn about the health threats of mercury pollution and take action together. It’s easier than it sounds: Pick a date, pick an activity, invite your friends, have fun. We can help make it happen.

Simply fill out this form and explore the additional resources below!

Watch the How-To video
View the How-To document



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