Driving Into Dirty Air

BY ON August 14, 2018

car pollution graphic, pollution that is reduced under the clean car standards that Trump wants to roll back

The Trump Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation are working together to roll back America’s health-protective and money-saving clean car standards. Moms and dads know this shift in reverse is a huge mistake.

The proposal to abandon the best clean car standards we’ve seen is an affront to American families. With this rollback, our air will become dirtier, our children sicker, and our gas bills bigger.

As parents, we can’t stand watching on the sidewalk while the Trump Administration drives away clean car standards that keep our children safe.

The clean car standards are a successful policy that gets us closer than we have been before to delivering the safe, clean, fuel-efficient cars that our families want and need. They are helping us protect our children’s health and future by fighting climate change. Rolling back these already limited standards forces parents into dirtier, less-efficient cars, and is a direct attack on the health of our children.

Acting EPA Administrator Wheeler is not doing his job. The EPA exists to keep American families safe from pollution, not to increase the profits of the oil and gas industry.

Our leaders must step on the pedal when it comes to pushing for the highest standards possible. Anything less is unacceptable.




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