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Kay has been a political organizer in Missouri for over 15 years, working on many issues, including fighting for expanded access to health care. Kay lives in Southwest Missouri with her husband and three daughters. Much of her free time is spent watching her daughters play soccer and hiking with her family in the beautiful Ozarks hills. Kay is excited about continuing to work with a dedicated group of parents and health professionals who want to protect the health of kids and families.

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Here’s what we’re working on in Missouri:

Moms Clean Air Force in Missouri is working to build an on-the-ground presence of families who are concerned about the impact of air pollution and want to see a healthy future for our children. We are supporting policies — including America’s Clean Power Plan — that will reduce carbon emissions and decrease dangerous co-pollutants.

Under America’s Clean Power Plan, states will have considerable flexibility in deciding how to secure the required pollution reductions.This process provides Missouri with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for clean air and clean energy. Along with a multitude of health benefits to Missouri residents, this transition to cleaner electricity will bring opportunity for thousands of new jobs in Missouri.
Right now, Missouri burns coal for more than 80 percent of its electricity.  Missouri’s power plants produce toxins that poison our waters, and sulfur and other pollution that cause asthma and respiratory disease.

Despite the considerable health benefits of America’s Clean Power Plan, in October, 2015, Missouri joined 25 other states in a lawsuit opposing the Plan. Missouri’s Attorney General announced his decision to join the lawsuit at a meeting of the Missouri Electric Coops.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri has collected petitions from hundreds of Missouri families, to make it clear to our elected officials that the health and future of Missouri’s children are more important than campaign contributions from dirty coal and other corporate polluters.

Despite the opposition to the Clean Power Plan by Missouri’s attorney general, Governor Nixon has stated that Missouri is prepared to comply with the rules from the EPA. Our Missouri chapter promotes strategies to cut carbon emissions in a way that protects both children’s health and the economy, and we look forward to working with elected officials in Missouri to implement energy policy that works for everyone.

In addition to state-specific work, Moms Clean Air Force Missouri is supporting national efforts:

Mercury: We are supporting strong limits on harmful mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Climate Change: We are fighting global warming by supporting policies, namely America’s Clean Power Plan, that will reduce carbon emissions and decrease dangerous co-pollutants.

Clean Energy: We are ensuring that our energy future is renewable, clean, and healthy — for the sake of our children’s health.

Chemical Policy Reform: We are fighting to keep toxic chemicals out of the products we use every day, through joining local efforts to protect families from toxic chemicals and advocating for strong implementation of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (2016).

Natural Gas Pollution: We are demanding strong protections from methane, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful air pollutants associated with fracking and natural gas development.

Missouri’s electricity generation by source, 2017:

  • Coal (79%)

  • Nuclear (13%)

  • Natural Gas (3%)

  • Wind (2%)

  • Other (3%)

According to the American Lung Association’s 2017 State of the Air report, Columbia-Moberly-Mexico, Missouri is 10th ranked for the cleanest U.S. city for ozone air pollution

The monetized value of diesel fine particle health impacts in Missouri per year is 1.7 billion dollars.

Missouri ranks tenth among U.S. states when it comes to carbon dioxide emissions from power plants

Roughly 5,795 asthma exacerbation attacks per year are a directly linked to coal fired power plant pollution in Missouri.

According to the American Lung Association’s 2017 State of the Air report, St. Louis County, Missouri received an F in ozone quality

116 cancer cases per million in Missouri are a direct result of inhaled diesel soot each year

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 6: Moms Clean Air Force Missouri is hosting a health summit focused on air pollution and health. Contact Kay at to learn more or RSVP.

Past Events

September 2017:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri members traveled to Washington, DC to meet with lawmakers and urge them to protect EPA’s budget.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri hosted a press conference in Joplin to oppose cuts to the EPA budget.

August 2017:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri members attended Senator McCaskill’s Ozark  townhall on Tuesday, August 22, which was the Senator’s 35th in her goal of 50 townhalls over the summer.

July 2017:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended a People’s Hearing on Ozone in Kansas City.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri partnered with the Sierra Club to hold a People’s Hearing on Air and Climate in Kansas City.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri members attend the 2017 Play-In for Climate Action in Washington, DC.

February 2017:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri members attended a protest on the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head EPA at Senator Blunt’s office in Springfield.

January 2017:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri members traveled to Washington, DC to meet with their Senators and urge them to oppose the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head EPA.

December 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri tabled at a Senior Democrats event at Library Center in Springfield.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended a Health Care for All SouthWest Missouri coalition meeting.

November 2016: 

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended a rally in Springfield of activists who want to see continued protection of human and civil rights under a Trump administration.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended a post-election event in Springfield.

Field organizer, Kay Mills attended meetings with coalition partners and allies, Jobs with Justice of Southwest Missouri and Missouri Faith Voices, and spoke about the need to be on alert about issues related to air pollution, climate change and America’s Clean Power Plan.

October 2016:

Field organizer, Kay Mills spoke to a women’s club at the South street Christian Church in Springfield, MO about Moms Clean Air Force. Kay also spoke to a group from Jobs with Justice.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri hosted a House Party in Springfield.

Moms Clean Air Force hosted a Play-In for Climate Action in St. Louis to call for climate action in advance of the Second Presidential Debate. This family-friendly protest showcased exactly what’s at stake as temperatures and sea levels rise: our kids.

September 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended a press event focused on the Clean Energy Incentive Program and low income communities.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri hosted a roundtable event focused on Zika and climate change in Springfield.

August 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri participated in a Climate 911 puppet show in St. Louis.

June 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri hosted a “School’s Out Food Drive” contributing to the over 4,542 pounds of food collected by Moms Clean Air Force chapters nationwide.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri led a press conference in Springfield highlighting the impact of climate change on food security. Speakers included Alexander Wait, a professor of biology and plant ecology at Missouri State University, and Ashley Quinn, outreach coordinator for Empower Missouri, a Missouri advocacy group working to combat poverty. Following the press conference, the group of Springfield parents and advocates met with Senator McCaskill’s office to discuss the importance of addressing climate change, food insecurity and children’s health.

April 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended an environmental coalition lobby day.

Moms Clean Air Force tabled and hosted a Read-In at Jackson Days.

Moms Clean Air Force is tabled and hosted a Read-In at Art Walk in Springfield, MO.

March 2016:

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri hosted a press conference and Read-In.

A letter organized by field organizer, Kay Mills and Ozark Dad and Elected Official Richard Green was reposted on the Daily Kos.

Field organizer, Kay Mills met with Senator McCaskill in Washington, DC.

February 2016:

Members of Moms Clean Air Force Missouri met with Senator McCaskill’s office.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended a Public Service Commission meeting on America’s Clean Power Plan.

Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended a health advocates advocacy day at the state capitol.

November 2015: Moms Clean Air Force Missouri attended Governor Nixon’s accountability press conference in Jefferson City, Missouri.

May 2015: Mama Summit 2015 | Moms Clean Air Force Missouri members gathered at the state capitol in Jefferson City to call on elected officials to take action on climate change.


Jay Nixon 

Contact information:

US Senate

Roy Blunt

Contact information:

  • 2740 B East Sunshine
    Springfield, MO 65804
  • Email: Contact form
  • Phone: (417)-877-7814
  • Twitter: @RoyBlunt

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Claire McCaskill

Contact information:

  • 324 Park Central West, Ste. 101
    Springfield, MO 65806
  • Email: Contact form
  • Phone: (417)-868-8745
  • Twitter: @clairecmc

Environmental Scorecard

US House of Representatives

William “Lacy” Clay Jr. (District 1)

Contact information:

  • 111 S. 10th Street, Suite 24.344
    Louis, MO  63102
  • Email: Contact form
  • Phone: (314)-367-1970
  • Twitter: n/a

Environmental Scorecard

Ann Wagner (District 2)

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Environmental Scorecard

Blaine Luetkemeyer (District 3)

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Vicky Hartzler (District 4)

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Emanuel Cleaver (District 5)

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Sam Graves (District 6)

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Billy Long (District 7)

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Jason Smith (District 8)

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