Moms Expose Dangers of EPA Budget Cuts in New Video Series

BY ON December 18, 2017

girl needing help breathingThe race is on: Unless it kicks the can down the road another few weeks, Congress must agree on a spending package in order to avert a government shutdown by December 22. It’s crunch time for the budget, and EPA funding is poised for severe cuts.

In the midst of this sprint to finalize a spending package, a new video series offers timely testimonies from moms from across the country who depend on environmental and public health programs to keep their families safe.

Moms Clean Air Force partnered with Center for American Progress to make these videos, showcasing first-person accounts of why we need to strengthen—not weaken—enforcement of our nation’s bedrock environmental laws. The videos feature stories from Virginia, Montana, and Missouri.

Watch the videos to learn more about why cutting the EPA budget will harm the health of our families.


Featuring Alden Cleanthes of Chesapeake, VA: Alden advocates for environmental protections motivated by her son, who suffered from pancreatitis at nine months old, likely due to contaminated drinking water.


Featuring Melissa Nootz of Livingston, MT: Melissa, who previously lived on a Superfund site, experienced two miscarriages. Her daughter’s blood test showed high levels of lead.


Featuring Melanie Donnell of Springfield, MO: A school teacher, Melanie and her daughter Vivian, who has cystic fibrosis, are advocating together for clean air. When the air pollution is bad, it makes breathing even more difficult for her daughter.




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