BY ON March 22, 2011

From our friends Ana Flores and Roxana at Spanglish Baby, the online community for raising bilingual and bicultural children:

We have decided to accept the invitation to join the Moms Clean Air Force project that aims to prevent Congress from limiting the EPA’s authority to ensure clean air for everybody, especially our kids. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation estimated that 80 percent of Latinos live in areas that failed to meet one U.S. EPA air quality standard, so the Latina moms’ voice is a critical part of this project.

We rarely get political in SpanglishBaby, but this is Earth politics and a self-empowerment issue to protect the air our children breathe. As I already mentioned, it is a personal issue for us as well since Roxana’s children (one of them my godchild) suffer from asthma, and my family lives in one of the nine most polluted places in the world and the city with the most ozone pollution in the United States; air pollution that causes 9,200 premature deaths per year in California. How’s that for this hitting close to home?

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