We All Share The Same Neighborhood

BY ON October 15, 2012

Last week, my husband and I met with our neighbors. The town is planning some improvements to our very busy road. For the safety of the nearly 30 children living along our stretch, we want to make sure that these “improvements” include a sidewalk and ways to slow down traffic.

We also want to give both kids and adults more opportunities to reach their destination under their own power. When people of all ages get in the habit of commuting on foot or by bike, they not only enhance their individual health and fitness, they help reduce car emissions as well.

So we gathered together, discussed our concerns, and then strategized about ways to present our requests to town officials with one, united voice. We understand “the power of WE” — that as a group, we are a more forceful and powerful lobby for positive change in our ‘hood’ than any one of us could be alone.

The fight for clean air is our neighborhood struggle writ large. Air pollution not only threatens the health and safety of the children and adults on my block, it threatens the health of everyone on the planet, old, young, and those not yet born.

That’s why I joined Moms Clean Air Force. I care about the health and safety of all our children, and I know that there’s no way that any one of us can clean up this mess alone. It is the reason why MCAF founder, Dominique Browning wants to bring mothers, fathers, and other engaged citizens together to speak as one and demand action that will preserve and protect our irreplaceable planet.

As a member, I have been able to join my voice with more than 100,000 others in taking action to support stronger regulations and derail efforts by those who would prefer we don’t regulate polluters at all. As Managing Editor Ronnie Citron-Fink says, “We are rockin’ the power of WE!”

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Michigan, New York, or Massachusetts,  it’s all one planet, one neighborhood.

Together, WE can make it a safer and more healthy place to live.

This post was submitted for Blog Action Day.


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