Tweeting A Revolution

BY ON September 26, 2012

Twitter cartoon

I recently read that women are the leading forces in the utilization of social media for the greater good. Not only do we enjoy it, we can advocate for important causes without leaving our living rooms. It’s fun to share photos and funny videos, express feelings, and spout ideas. When I first joined Twitter in 2008, I was amazed at how many women’s and environmental groups were using the social media tool to share information that can bring about change.

Women will no doubt continue to use social media for fun and advocacy. And now, moms can help spread the word about important issues for their families. Moms Clean Air Force makes this easy to get actively involved in curbing harmful air pollution that leads to global warming.

So if you haven’t already signed up, here’s your chance to get MCAF posts and updates delivered right to your Inbox. You can also join the thousands of followers on the very active and informative, MCAF Facebook page. If cartoons, gorgeous images and quotes are your thing, you’ll be delighted by the MCAF Pinterest page. And if you’re like me and love Twitter, come Tweet with MCAF.

Tweeting a revolution? Sure! Women have the passion and the online tools. Perhaps now is the time to raise our collective voices and advocate for something we truly believe in–protecting our families.


TOPICS: Activism, Motherhood