Don’t Let Trump Kill Clean Air Protections

BY ON November 22, 2016

Fists raised with American flag pattern

This year I am most grateful, as always, for the love of family and friends. But I’m adding something else I am grateful for: Activism.

We live in a country where we can take collective action against injustices. We are blessed with the freedom to speak up about the wrongs we see. One major wrong on my mind: Treating our skies like sewers.

The signals coming from the Trump transition process don’t bode well for clean air protections. The President-elect wants to roll back basic rights, including protecting the brains of our babies from toxic mercury pollution.

Here’s what we are speaking up about right now: Myron Ebell. Trump has installed Ebell to lead the EPA transition. But Ebell is a man who lies about science, claiming that climate change isn’t happening, or, if it is, what’s the harm in a little more warm weather?

No one who lies about science, or totally ignores it, is qualified to influence the agency that protects our skies.

Soon, maybe even on Inauguration Day, your senator will vote to confirm an EPA Administrator. Trump hasn’t said who that will be. But if Ebell is any indication, we will have a lot of speaking up to do. So line up your cough drops, your herbal tea, and your fortitude. And get started today.


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