Supermom Of The Month: Georgia Murray

BY ON July 1, 2012

Georgia Murray and her sonGeorgia Murray

Conway, New Hampshire

Georgia Murray is the Air Quality and Watershed Staff Scientist for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). She has a M.S. degree in Earth Sciences from the University of New Hampshire. She has worked on the north slope of Alaska and Olympic National Park in Washington state. Since she began at AMC in 2000, she has overseen the clubs ambient air pollution monitoring program in cooperation with the NH Department of Environmental Services, EPA, and U.S. Forest Service. This includes mountain based monitoring of ozone, cloud and rain water chemistry, and stream water chemistry in Class I Wilderness areas in the White Mountain National Forest.

Why did you get involved in environmental issues?
I grew up in rural New Hampshire and being outside in nature makes me feel happy and peaceful. To me, protecting the outdoor environment is about protecting places I love and want to share with my family.

What drew you to MCAF?
I was really impressed with how effectively MCAF has brought together moms and amplified their voices through social media. I also believe in MCAF’s conviction that we really can make a difference, as one person, and as a unified force of moms.

Why do you care about clean air?
I think all Americans want clean air and clean water. But the more I know about the pollution in the air (how it affects our health, fouls streams and lakes, changes beautiful views to hazy soup, and alters our climate) the more I want to stop the pollution from doing more harm. I know that air pollution makes kids sick and contaminates our environment and I want to help solve these problems.

What have you done as an MCAF volunteer?
In February 2012, I was excited to be a part of the launch of the New Hampshire MCAF page with my first blog and have continued to contribute to the blog to help keep moms informed about air quality issues in NH. I live and work in NH’s North Country and have encouraged other local moms to join MCAF.

I initiated MCAF’s partnership with the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), the non-profit I work for, and continue to share and cross-post information. On a regular basis, I alert Yvonne Nanasi, MCAF NH Field Director, to upcoming events that provide opportunities get the word out about MCAF in NH. My affiliation with MCAF is mutually beneficial for AMC and MCAF as we have shared connections in other eastern states to get the word out about getting involved in supporting the Clean Air Act Standards and updating them as needed to protect our children and the outdoors.


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