Soot: Filthy And Sickening

BY ON October 26, 2012

Mother and young son outside

A few months ago, tens of thousands of Moms Clean Air Force members told the EPA that we want stronger limits on soot pollution. Based on the latest science, we know soot can trigger asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, and even death. Soot is also the second-leading cause of global warming–after carbon dioxide emissions.

The EPA must sign a final rule by December 14th of this year. We know how Big Coal operates–because the coal industry is fighting pollution controls every step of the way, all over the country.

Perhaps they want our air to be as filthy and sickening as the air in parts of China and India. That’s where you can see what an unregulated coal industry looks like.

People everywhere have a sacred right to clean air. Let’s make sure we protect that right here at home and our children will breathe easier.

We must keep the pressure on the EPA as it completes its final review of the new soot standards. We cannot allow pro-polluters to weaken the Clean Air Act.


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