New York Bans Fracking After Health Report Calls It Unsafe

BY ON December 17, 2014


New York Anti-fracking rally

Thanks to all your hard work, Governor Cuomo decided today to ban fracking in New York State because of medically-established concerns about the health and safety of people who live near oil and gas development—as well as scientifically-based evidence of possible water and soil contamination. This is a win for New York — and a win for a clean energy economy.

However. New York is the 5th-largest consumer of natural gas in the United States. That means New Yorkers bear a moral responsibility for making oil and gas development safer  for all the people living near and working in the industry. Thousands are now suffering, while we burn this fuel. New York City has miles and miles of pipeline in an aging infrastructure. We need to know what’s leaking so we can fix it.
New Yorkers also have to keep up the pressure on Governor Cuomo to make New York State a leader in clean energy development and deployment—and get economic growth into the areas that so desperately need it.
Many thanks to all of you who united to keep New York moving in the right direction. And thank you, Governor Cuomo, for supporting medical and science experts. Here’s to your continued leadership towards a clean and vibrant energy future.


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